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Lowest Price We’ve Ever Seen on One of Spain’s Greatest Wines – 32% Off

Jan 21 2016

  Daily Flash: Jan 12th, 2016 Lowest Price We’ve Ever Seen on One of Spain’s Greatest Wines – 32% Off Today’s offer is hot – so hot that I am tempted to simply list the wine and price and let you get straight to the reply button because now is the time to load up. We have the world-famous, Tinto Pesquera for under $30 a bottle. That’s right, a legendary, 92-point wine for just $26!!! For those of you who are graciously reading the rest of this missive before pulling the trigger, I can’t say enough about this reference point wine from the sexy…

96 pt. Sticky for Under $25!!!

Jan 05 2016

Gordon’s Daily Flash: Jan 5, 2016 I know, I know, you’re probably still recovering from the holiday’s overindulgence and just now getting back to digestive equilibrium – to say nothing of your balance slowly being restored now that the booze has finally left your bloodstream! Nonetheless, during the Bacchanalia of the holiday madness, you likely depleted your little stash of stickies, as you went in for one more bite of figgy pudding or fruit cake. After all, who could resist a sweet, viscous tipple to accompany holiday cheer? Well, now it’s time to stock back up, and boy do we…