The Best of German Cult: 2015 Peter Lauer “Senior” Riesling

August 6, 2016
Heather Marshall

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2015’s aren’t just for the cellar. Some you can drink now! Such is the case with Peter Lauer’s always remarkable “Senior”

There is a sense of urgency when you talk about Lauer. You can hear it faintly in the background: a little golden ticking clock attached by twine to red bars of TNT. Granted, the wines have already exploded onto the scene, that is certain, but the shockwave hasn’t approached peak yet. And when it does, when the American public truly catches on, we are all going to feel the effects.

The rest of the world has. America will too. The 2015’s have already sold out at the estate. There is none left to ask for. We, however, are lucky enough to offer a solid amount secured for us. It is not much.

Lauer wines distinguish themselves by the supreme quality of their acidity and beguiling purity of slate and fruit. You have the fineness of the Saar, the ethereal feather light texture that can come only from the coldest spot in Germany. They are confident, precise wines, cerebral certainly, a mesmerizing magnetic pull of peaches, slate, summer herbs, lemon, salt, and white flowers. “Senior” is the flagship of Lauer.  A dry, intoxicatingly bright, colorful Riesling from 70 year old ungrafted vines from Ayler Kupp, at $24 per bottle, every square inch of the 2015 “Senior” is untouchable for the price.

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More About the Wine:

You can blame Lauer’s soon-to-be disappearance from the market by the “cult” status crowned a few years ago by the press, which has led the Saar producer to be chased by a small army of smitten sommeliers, infatuated with every bottle the estate produces.  “Barrel X,” the introduction estate wine, gained a huge press response, propelling many people who never enjoyed Riesling before to splash into the category.

The true death nell for any normalcy is the 2015 vintage, one that many producers have to reach back to 1971 to compare in quality and prestige. Lauer stepped up to the plate and produced mesmerizing wines, easily the best in Peter and Florian’s 10 year career.  Yes, there is the impressive concentration of fruit, and smooth bolt of electric acidity, but their 2015’s crackle with an extra dose of energy and detail. The best wines we taste make us swear with glee. We swore a lot when tasting the ’15 “Senior.” It’s the best Lauer I’ve ever tasted. Grab a bottle while you can.

2015 Lauer Riesling Faß 6 “Senior”

A note from the importer: “Faß 6 – Senior” is based on a selection that Florian’s grandfather (Peter the first) made every year. As the patriarch of the family, he would taste through the year’s wines and select one barrel for his personal consumption. On this barrel, he would write “Senior.” According to Florian, eight or nine times out of ten, his grandfather would pick Faß 6 which held wine sourced from the western-most region of the Kupp. Thus, today, the wine from this parcel is called “Faß 6 – Senior.”

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