Aeronaut Brewing: brewed with curiosity, backed by science

Posted on: 09/5/23 2:51 PM

Aeronaut is your neighborhood breweries’ favorite brewery. From the winding Somerville streets stays tucked a Wonka-like building creating delightful suds and fizzy lifting drinks while also supplying love and support for their local townsfolk. While we’ve been friends with the fine people at this establishment, every time we come back we’re enamored by something new. The yet to be perfected hoppy non-alchoholic beer, which had all the bones of something special, to an amazing Czech lager with delightful and refreshing profile. 

We will soon announce another spectacular project in progress, but for now we will start the fall season with Aeronaut as our brewery of the month for September, and they will have a full shelf to showcase their beers at Gordon’s Main, and potentially chainwide. Prost!

1. When Aeronaut was first introduced to market, it was in this very same building with a less focused, more “dream than creation” vibe. Now, we’re sitting just a few years out, this has become a meeting space and innovation space with Everett stepping up for your canning needs. How did we find ourselves in this space, and how did it become the natural progression?

Aeronaut: When Aeronaut was still just an idea, we knew that no matter what we ended up building, it needed to be built in Somerville; this community is teeming with creatives and exudes a sense of togetherness. We wanted to create something that would give back to this extraordinary neighborhood, while seamlessly integrating with it. The space itself was designed to be more than just a taproom–our goal was to establish a space that welcomes all and serves as a pillar of the community. Over the years, we’ve reached enough fans through our beers, events, philanthropy, and mission, to help us grow into our larger footprint at the Cannery. Somerville will always be our first home and continues to be a hub for our Aeronaut family, as well as our R&D facility.

2. The thing that seems to ooze out of the pores of Aeronaut is the mission of “doing good.” With your community, with your employees, for the neighborhood and any person of any background. Was this a mission statement that held water, or has it come naturally from it’s founding ties?

Aeronaut: The idea of being rooted in our community and an active contributor to the neighborhood has most certainly been part of our ethos from the start. We’ve come this far as a direct result of support from folks in our own backyard, so we continue to be grateful and try to find ways to give back.

3. Every time I step into this taproom, there’s something cool, something unique, with some interesting hop blend, or yeast profile, or barrel aging to add qualities to a beer that you may not see often. Does there seem to be immovable boundaries for Aeronaut, or is the driving point of the company to continue to try and make things that others may have not even looked into embracing or attempting before?

Aeronaut: We are “brewed with curiosity and backed by science” after all! Pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing has always been part of our approach. From testing prototype batches and quality assuring large production brews in our lab, to cryogenically storing yeast strains and growing them in-house, we’ve always prioritized an experimental and forward-thinking approach to the brewing process, our ingredients, and more.

4. When you’re on your way out of high school or college, you often get asked what the “plan is for 10 or 15 years, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Do you guys find yourselves thinking about that at all, and if so, what is Aeronaut in the not so near future?

Aeronaut: Is there even enough space here for a multi-year plan?! 🙂 Jokes aside, we do find ourselves thinking a lot about the future and we hope that it includes more people finding and enjoying Aeronaut beer, continued attendance at our incredible list of events across all three of our locations, and more folks visiting our taprooms. We’re ready to embrace continued growth!

5. Pick your desert island album. (or up to 5).

Aeronaut: Our staff offered quite the range of answers for this one but we narrowed it down to 5 that we felt simply couldn’t be missed:

Renaissance – Beyonce
Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
Young the Giant – Young the Giant
Rumours – Fleetwood Mac
Eat A Peach – The Allman Brothers

Matt Bevins • Beer Buyer

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