Best von der Fels ever? 2018 Keller

Posted on: 09/4/19 5:41 PM

Let the race begin! One of the most popular and crazy values we offer, German super-star Klaus Peter Keller’s von der Fels Riesling is back for the much hyped 2018 vintage. Produced from young vines in his Grand Cru vineyards, there is no other wine, besides maybe Lauer’s “Senior”, that offers so much incredible material for such a low price. Everyone who loves wine deserves to experience this absurd deal.

2018 Keller von der Fels Dry Riesling

“The 2018er Riesling Trocken von der Fels comes only from Grand Cru sites, essentially from the Westhofener Kirchspiel and was fermented down to bone-dry levels (below 3 g/l of residual sugar). It is still very on the primary side on the nose, where residual scents from the spontaneous fermentation only gradually give way to almond cream, yellow peach, cassis, pear and spices. It proves nicely juicy and fruity on the palate, yet leaves a racy and vibrating feel in the bone-dry finish. A touch of tartness emerges in the after-taste which still needs to mellow away, something which will happen in a decade or so. It could then easily exceed our high expectations.” Rated: “Outstanding” Mosel Fine Wines

More About the Wine

2018 has already been labeled as one of the greatest vintages ever in Germany. Stephen Bitterholf, the importer for Keller, has made the interesting point that much of this is because of how perfect (and uneventful) the fall harvest was­–which means the growers were able to do what they wanted to do with their fruit. This flexibility and optimism from the producers has created a tidal wave of anticipation. In any case, when you have a perfect harvest for Keller, we’re expecting some pretty epic things to happen.

Posted in Daily Flash By Tim Sellon