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Burgundy In A Bikini! The Stunning Fess Parker Pommard Clone Pinot Noir
This is just pure fun. We’ve partnered up with our good friends over at Fess Parker and have an exclusive you can’t find anywhere else in Massachusetts. Load up on one of our favorite domestic Pinot’s EVER! We’ve been offering the Santa Barbara based estate’s introductory Pinot and Chardonnay for years as they’ve always offered fabulous quality for the money. In recent years the winery has sharpened its focus toward production of small lot, vineyard designated and...Learn more
Ferociously Complicated, Fantastically Drinkable: 94 Point, $31 Point Spanish Gem
Success stories have abounded in Spain in recent years, but none may be more important for American wine consumers than Daniel Landi and Fernando Garcia’s. Their wines, which can be some of the most riveting in Spain, inject a special excitement in a category already crowded with surprise and thrill. That’s not easy. But with their label “Comando G” (cheekily named after 80’s Japanese anime), Mr. Landi and his partner are redefining what was previously viewed as Spain’s workhorse variety, Garnacha, into something...Learn more
Brovia’s 2014 ‘Unio’: A Singular Release from One of Barolo’s Greats
Today we are thrilled to offer something truly special from one of our most highly anticipated and sought after annual releases. Brovia make quite simply some of the best old school Barolo that it is possible to get, from extraordinary vineyards and the traditional, simple methods of wild yeast fermentation, maceration, and slow maturation in big old oak. The results are wines of brilliant purity, elegance, length, precision, and ageworthiness. They are everything you could look for in a Barolo, as long as...Learn more
Hit Where it Hurts: 2016 Pavelot

Hit Where it Hurts: 2016 Pavelot

Posted on: 7/19/2018 8:00 AM

Hugues Pavelot is among the most consistent and talented winemakers in Burgundy, and 2016 is no exception. Nonetheless, it was a very difficult year for him, as the hardships of the vintage were particularly unkind to Savigny. Still, it is precisely this difficulty that proves just how talented the Pavelot family really is. For despite the struggles, these are attractive wines of great energy and fruit. Neal Martin puts the vintage well in context: “Parking my car in Savigny-lès-Beaune, the question was not whether Hugues Pavelot’s wines had been hit, but how severe their loss was. Eighty percent was the answer. Imagine...Learn more
A Return to Elegance: 2013 Le Ragnaie Brunello Pre-arrival
2013 Brunello. Need we say more? The much hyped vintage is finally here and today we’re offering one of our favorites: Le Ragnaie. Elegance, elegance, elegance, that’s the name of the game with this incredible estate. “Virtually anything that gets bottled at this winery is a standout wine,” profuses Vinous wine critic Ian D’Agata. Intoxicatingly fragrant, loaded with finesse and high toned fruit, Le Ragnaie’s expression of always brunello sweeps us off our feet. We are especially excited for their highly sought after 2013’s. 2013, as many of you already know, is a cooler vintage for Brunello and gaining a lot of attention for its...Learn more
Believe the Hype: 93 & 94 pt. Piemontese Gems that Overdeliver
Dolcetto occupies a strange space in world of wine. At once, it is often touted as one of the wine world’s great values, as well as an also-ran, second- or third-thought to its much more noble cousins Nebbiolo and Barbera. There are a battery of reasons for this, many of which have to do with the fact that Dolcetto is rarely grown in terroir that is appropriate for Dolcetto. Moreover, for most serious Barolo is by far the most important of their production and few focus on Dolcetto with any serious interest...Learn more
Taste the Tasting: Legendary First Growth Bordeaux for as Low as $32!!!
On June 27 we were incredibly lucky to be joined for a tasting by Candice Hunt, Export Director of legendary Sauternes First Growth Château Guiraud. Slightly delayed by the holiday, today I’m very pleased to be able to offer these magnificent wines. A point I made at the tasting is that I like to think that I’m not the ‘pushiest’ of people when It comes to sales, but for these wines I would do everything I can do strong arm everyone reading this e-mail into buying some of these. They are extraordinarily good and frankly...Learn more
Elegant and Old School: 90pt, Pinot from Birichino
Often when we’re tasting through ranges of wines to find options for this e-mail list, I’m struck by what a huge difference there is between ‘tasting’ and ‘drinking’. There’s a huge difference between a smell, a swirl and a spit, and really getting to drink and experience something properly. Sometimes one of the lineout really jumps out and screams ‘Take me home!!! Drink me!!!’- and this is a perfect example. One taste was not enough- the sun was out and I desperately wanted to grab the bottle, run out the door, find a good friend and the nearest roof deck, and sit really getting to know it. This is so delicious, so...Learn more
Falling for Falanghina - Brilliantly Mineral, Decidedly Refreshing
After consulting the Gordon’s archives (located in a vast underground warehouse beneath Main Street) we could not locate a single record of us featuring a Falanghina in our Daily Flash program … ever. So now a moment for the history books, because today, for the first time in human history, Gordon’s is featuring a Falanghina. Fattoria La Rivolta’s exceptional expression of the grape confidently puts forth a series of flavors, thirst quenching vignettes of pear and apple, told with focus and poise.Oh, it just won the...Learn more
“Dream Wine with Magnificent Balance”: 98 pt. Ornellaia at the Sharpest Price in the Country!
Sassicaia may be the original Super Tuscan, but Ornellaia is on equal footing when it comes to stature and iconic status. And for our money, it has all the others beat when it comes to class and finesse. 2015 is proving to be an epic year in Tuscany and the 2015 Ornellaia proves it with its sumptuous fruit and effortless grace. Ornellaia has been a big deal in the wine world for quite a while, and deservedly so. And, yet, 2015 has the estate producing greater wine than ever before. Get in on this. Future you will be happy you did!Learn more
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