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World-Class Old School Vino Nobile, and a New Chapter for the Avignonesi Family
As usual there’s more below on the what and the why, but the short story here is that we’ve dug up a gem of a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, a historic and potentially brilliant appellation that I find often flatters to deceive. At their best the wines are as good as Italy gets, but all too rarely do they show the elegance on display here. This one however, has finesse, class, restraint, no flashy new oak, just pure bright fruit. From the same producer, we also offer an excellent value ‘Rosso’ that would make a superb...Learn more
Never Enough: 2015 O'Shaughnessy Howell Mountain

Never Enough: 2015 O'Shaughnessy Howell Mountain

Posted on: 11/16/2018 10:12 AM

The uber-boutique, supremely sophisticated wines born from this special Howell Mountain estate comes and goes, never lasting more than a few days at the shop. The rule is, if you see O’Shaughnessy, then you grab it on the spot. Over the years, customers have become too accustomed to heartbreak, which is a shame because these wines offer some of the most memorable and hauntingly elegant mountain fruit we’ve experienced from anywhere in Napa. There is no going around it, O’Shaughnessy is special…and highly elusive for even for the most ardent California...Learn more
For the Turkey: The Amazing 2016 Ostertag Dry Rieslings
Our winner for this year’s BTW (Best Turkey Wine) was a no brainer this year: The 2016 Ostertag Les Jardins Dry Riesling. André Ostertag, the enigmatic Alsatian wunderkind beloved by critics and collectors alike for his jaw dropping, chiseled, dry wines, will undoubtedly make its presence known at your Thanksgiving table. One of Kermit Lynch’s best producers in a book crowded with gems, Ostertag’s wine will not let you down. Experience one of Alsace’s most revered and talked about winemakers capture Riesling in all its glory. Layered with shavings of minerals, torn up herb and just...Learn more
“A Major Triumph”: #1 Wine of the Year, 100 PT 2015 Almaviva
Wine critic James Suckling tossed a bomb in the wine world, and we’re all about to feel the after-shock. He and his team had just finished a year of travel, reviewing over 16,000 bottles, and word spread that he had selected his much anticipated wine of the year. The rumors were right, it was not from France, or Italy, nor America. The best wine in Mr. Suckling’s world was from, of all places, Chile. The 100 point 2015 Almaviva garnered the top award, a watershed moment for South America. Commenting on the wine in his Top 100 Wines of 2017 report, Suckling noted: “It underlines the movement away from...Learn more
“A Jewel of a Wine”: Huge Scoring 2015 Fèlsina Rancia
One of the great wine estates of the world, few properties compare to majesty and classicism of Tuscany’s Fèlsina. These are drop dead gorgeous expressions of Sangiovese that seem to attract every type of wine lover imaginable. They are traditional, old school, incredibly complex, and, like the best Italian wines, convey a beautiful sense of heart and soul. The hype and critical acclaim for Fèlsina much anticipated 2015 Rancia marks one of the most exciting releases from this domain ever–just look at Galloni’s stratospheric score. 2015 is a hugely celebrated vintage for Tuscany, and Fèlsina’s sterling effort for their...Learn more
A Stunning Range of Meursaults from a Louis Carillon Acolyte: 2016 Bouzereau-Gruère et Filles
I’ve written about this Domaine several times now. Historically underperforming, but today underestimated, it is a source for serious value and wines that are not just undervalued, but, frankly, available. There’s a lot of noise in the Burgundy market, and seriously talented, worth Domaines can fly well beneath the radar. While everyone clamors after Leflaive, and Roulot and Coche and Ente and Ramonet, some of the very best wines go unnoticed. Take Bouzereau-Gruère et Filles. Here’s what I’ve...Learn more
An Extraordinary Find (again!): 2006 Bordeaux for $15 & the PERFECT Turkey Day Claret!
Earlier this year we offered what I think might be the fastest selling Bordeaux in Gordon’s history. Perhaps not surprising given that what we’d found to offer was quite extraordinary. A twelve year old, stunningly good Bordeaux, drinking brilliantly, for $15. I bought what I intended to be enough stock for an e-mail offer and to sell stacks of the stuff in our retail stores. Instead, it sold out in about an hour. Whoops. The headline news is that we’ve got one more shot. This time I got twice as much as the first time, so on that basis...Learn more
“Some of the most compelling, deeply moving wines being made anywhere in the world”: Champagne Cédric Bouchard
It’s that time of year again: Cédric Bouchard’s range of spectacular, singular and deeply impressive Champagnes is about to land. We’re honored to offer them every year. Here’s what we have said in previous offers: One varietal, one parcel, one village, one vintage, this is the guiding light which new wave superstar Champagne grower Cédric Bouchard follows. There is also a lot of “no’s” involved here too: No chaptalization, no fining, no filtering, no cold-stabilization, no fermentation in...Learn more
The powerful yet elegant wines of Mas Doix

The powerful yet elegant wines of Mas Doix

Posted on: 11/9/2018 8:00 AM

The powerful yet elegant wines of Mas Doix–one of our favorite producers in Priorat–continue to astound us. While we’re not always eye to eye with Robert Parker, we completely agree with his description of these being “stunningly profound Priorat.” It is also clear that the work of Sandra Doix, the fearless and exciting young phenom in charge of the domain, is only going becoming better and better. Established in 1998, Mas Doix is continuing a tradition that was begun by family ancestors in 1908. Ms. Doix and her family work exclusively with rare old bush vines (a large number originally planted by her...Learn more
Roumier’s Beaujolais? The Stunning 2017 Cru Beaujolais of Julien Sunier
Satisfying to collectors, hipster somms and normal people alike, Beaujolais is one of the few categories right now that everyone wants. And for good reason–it represents some of the best values in wine for the money. Lacy, perfumed, and always drinkable, we’re consuming (maybe glugging) Beaujolais more than ever before. Today we’re offering one of our undisputed favorites, the universally loved and highly sought-after Julien Sunier. Just in time for Thanksgiving, we’re releasing his...Learn more
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