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CASE BUY ALERT: Adult Gatorade That Can’t Live Without
Before I tell you about this wine, just know that this is unacceptably delicious. Like, gulpably, gluggably, incredibly delicious. If you don’t buy a case of this, you will be kicking yourself. Our entire staff was gushing over this … for days. Now to the wine ... The tiny, colorful Mediterranean estate of Bisson has produced exceptional, under the radar wines for years. Lead by the vivacious Pierluigi Lugano, a sun-tanned artist come fisherman come wine shop owner who happens to specialize in growing ancient, indigenous, and increasingly uncommon grape varieties on the Ligurian coast, Lugano’s little...Learn more
National Treasure: 2014 Giuseppe Mascarello Monprivato
Any time we offer the wines of Giuseppe Mascarello it is always special. This is what Italian wine lovers live for. Hauntingly seductive, sensuous, and profoundly soulful, Mascarello’s wines are some of the most coveted bottles from Piedmont, much less Italy. They are, regardless of the vintage, consistently immersive masterpieces, always thrilling us with equal portions of power and sublime grace. While there are only a few cases available, we are still extremely excited for the 2014 release of Monprivato. Although the vintage does not contain the same frantic sizzle from the critics as 2013 or 2015, do not be fooled: this...Learn more
Worthy of ALL the Hype: 2016 Ampeleia Alicante

Worthy of ALL the Hype: 2016 Ampeleia Alicante

Posted on: 1/31/2019 2:35 PM

Elizabeth Foradori has done it again. Italy’s rising star continues to shine brighter and brighter and her newest project, Ampeleia, set in the Tuscan coast, is worthy of all the hype. “Ampeleia is one of the stars of the Tuscan coast,” reports Antonio Galloni. “At their best, the Ampeleia wines are among the most pure, transparent expressions of the coast readers will find…Elisabetta Foradori and her team are doing important work here.” Important work, indeed. Today we’re featuring her newest dazzling single vineyard, single varietal bottle that is flat out terrific. Boasting an intoxicating freshness, silky...Learn more
Taste the Tasting: Alzinger - One of the World’s Elite Dry Riesling Winemakers

Endlessly complex and mysterious, the wines of Alzinger are not only a reference point for the greatness of Austria, but for wine itself. On January 14th we were treated to one of the most highly anticipated events of the year when Leo Alzinger presented his portfolio of stunning Rieslings and Gruner Veltliners. Often compared with the greatness to the likes of Raveneau, those lucky enough to be in attendance bared witness to some truly remarkable wines. If you have never had Alzinger, trust us you...

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“The Finest Dofi to Date”: Alvaro Palacios 2016
In Spain, few can compare to the legendary Alvaro Palacios. Mr. Palacios’s Priorats, alongside Pingus, are regarded by critics and collectors as the pinnacle of greatness that Spanish wine can achieve. Why? While it is easy in Spain, and particularly in Priorat, to achieve intoxicating power and ripeness, Mr. Palacios learned early on (perhaps during his stint at Petrus) that a wines most important expression is not its intensity of fruit but its singular expression of its vineyard. In a recently published interview Mr. Palacios explains, “In Spain, we are blessed with old vines and plenty of sun. Power comes very easily...Learn more
Tiny Quantities Remain: “Perfect” 100 Point Clos des Papes
2016 Châteauneuf continues to keep crushing the world with an onslaught of perfect scores. This magnificent vintage, easily considered the greatest in a generation, has hit the wine world like a tidal wave. The latest to create quite the stir is Paul Vincent Avril’s legendary Domaine du Clos des Papes. If you’re a Châteauneuf collector Clos des Papes requires no introduction. One of the most iconic addresses of the appellation the estate is famous for producing one of the most authentic and long-lived in Châteauneuf. Under the guidance of Mr. Avril, who is the third generation of the Avril family to lead...Learn more
Still the One: The Best Values in Burgundy Return
Bryczek has been a store favorite for a few vintages now, and for good reason. The wines are supple, accurate and outright delicious. With less than 4 hA spread over only four relatively humble Village appellations and a lone, quirky 1er cru, one could easily overlook this miniscule Domaine. But people often miss the mark on just how difficult it is to find a reliable Village wine that truly speaks of Chambolle or Gevrey or Morey. After all, there’s a relative ocean of it, but little that really rewards drinking. In the same vein, few people appreciate just how versatile and delicious Village wine can be. On the one hand...Learn more
Between Haut Bailly and de Chevalier in 2010: “Exceptional” Under-the-Radar Chateau
This summer Jane Anson wrote a short profile for Decanter magazine featuring under the radar Pessac Leognan gem Château Larrivet Haut Brion, and a vertical of the last seven vintages of their reds and whites. The château, which has been in great form over the last decade, is about a 20 minute drive south of the legendary Haut Brion and the city of Bordeaux. It occupies a prime spot right in the heart of the ‘Leognan’ section of Pessac Leognan, which in turn is an appellation that defines...Learn more
An Ottoman for Your Tongue: 2016 Ferrando Erbaluce di Caluso “Cascina Cariola”
Little known and barely appreciated, Erbaluce may very well be Northern Italy’s most noble white grape. In the masterful hands of Luigi Ferrando (of white/black label Carema fame), this noble grape becomes a thing of magic. Plush and velvety, the creamy texture of Caluso is so inherently comfortable your tongue will feel like it’s resting on whatever the wine’s equivalent is to a ottoman. Think of an Alpine Chenin and you’re on the right track. Wild flowers, herbs golden honey along with a core of savory mineral is...Learn more
Sure-Fire Winner: 94 Point Stunner from Evening Land
With its intense fruit, slow building smoky sweetness and beautiful dense silky texture, the 2016 Seven Springs Pinot Noir makes a compelling argument for becoming the new reference point for brilliant Oregon vino. Packed to the gills with detail, fruit and unmistakable class, we couldn’t be happier with the 2016. Don’t miss this little 94 point stunner from the wunderkinds Raj Parr and Sashi Moorman over at Evening Land!! We’ve been trumpeting the success of Evening Land since the very beginning. This isn’t just another bottle of domestic Pinot. This is a labor of love from two of the most talked about...Learn more
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