Bring on the FUNK! NV Sebastien Brunet Pétillant Naturel Grolleau 100%

Posted on: 08/15/19 1:31 PM

Pétillant naturel, or “pét-nat”, is an easy-going, unpretentious sparkling wine category that has caught a massive amount of attention as of late. And why not? Easy, approachable, funky and refreshing, they offer the fun and whimsy of bubbles without the seriousness (or price tag) that you see from Champagne. More delicious than Prosecco, less pretentious than Champagne and inexpensive to boot, pét-nat’s are funky, bohemian and heck of a lot of fun.

Sebastien Brunet’s stupidly charming 100% sparkling Grolleau pét-nat is crisp and light in body – a perfect companion for your late summer parties. Showcasing apple, strawberry and raspberry fruits and delicious refreshing acidity, this bottle will offer endless lighthearted pleasure.

Bring on the FUNK! NV Sebastien Brunet Pétillant Naturel Grolleau 100%

More About the Wine

Sebastien Brunet is from the Loire Valley, the epi-center for the natural wine movement. Mr. Brunet took control of his family’s estate in Vouvray in 2006, and in doing so completely transformed the fifteen-hectare property to Biodynamic. The vines (Grolleau and Chenin) on the estate are, on average, 45 years old. The grapes are always hand-harvested and fermented using only native yeasts, with no chaptalization, and with low amounts of sulfur. It is worth mentioning that even for sparkling wine standards, Mr. Brunet keeps his yields of Grolleau extremely low.

Speaking of Grolleau–what the heck is that? It’s a workhorse grape variety you see grown primarily in the Loire. In the hands of Mr. Brunet the grape is transformed into a wild, thirst quenching sparkler that will charm and delight!

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