Changing the Narrative: An Untraditional Source for a Delicious Late Season Rosé

Posted on: 08/23/19 7:17 PM

We’re good friends with the Barton family of St. Julien fame, owners of the celebrated Ch. Léoville-Barton and Langoa-Barton. The patriarch of the family, Anthony Barton, is a legend in the wine world. One of the most charismatic and dynamic figures of the 20th century in wine, he played a large role in writing the modern history of Bordeaux, all while producing successive vintages of spectacular wine.

Today the family business is being run by Lilian, Anthony’s daughter, and increasingly Damien, her son. Damien has brought a new generation’s creative and curious spirit to this traditional house. Much like his grandfather, he seems restless, always looking for new challenges and opportunities.

A few years ago, he started a new line of wine called 225. The name – 225 – is a reference to the volume of a traditional Bordeaux barrel (barrique) of wine, and invokes the fundamental balance and equilibrium that Bordeaux wines are famous for.

The goal of the project was to bring attention to the lesser known small-production varieties and minor appellations of Bordeaux. There’s a Viognier and other varietal wines, as well as a delicious Rosé from a small family estate in the Entre-Deux-Mers. 100% Merlot, it is soft and fleshy, bright and juicy, with a core of refreshing acidity and a freshness that is the quintessence of great Rosé.

The Barton family has been showing the world what Bordeaux can do for generations, now they’re changing the narrative, and expanding on that story in newer chapters still. See for yourself.

2018 “225” Rosé

The Queyrens family has been working the hills of Donzac, village of Entre Deux Mers for over 100 years. Jean-Yves, the current Queyrens at the helm, has mastered the art of making Provence style Rosé. Early picking from the fresher soils, and a soft press keeping only the free-run, fresher juice, with delicate and more aromatic flavors.

Posted in Daily Flash By Ian Halbert