Coche, Roulot, Ente, Lafon … Jobard?

Posted on: 09/24/19 3:21 PM

Much like Chablis, there is an argument about who’s next. Yes, there are superstars in the appellation. Wines that are nigh impossible to source, and when you do, the tariff is, frankly, intolerable for the average human. Even American upper middle class human.

The question then becomes: where can one find the Lafon or Roulot level of quality without paying Roulot or Lafon like prices. In Chablis, I like Pinson for a Raveneau or Duavissat like experience; in Meursault, it is Jobard. Antoine Jobard.

Antoine took over from his father Francois in 2007. He had been involved in the day to day operations for many years, but the formal transition was in 2007. Francois made fantastic, old-school Meursault that took decades to come around and had all the edges of old-time rustic Burgundy.

Antoine, however, has taken the Domaine from a leading light to a serious contender for the kinds of accolades and apogees that the aforementioned Roulot, Ente, Lafon and Coche wines regularly achieve.

In fact, before I would spend a penny on these other Domaines, I would seriously consider loading up on Jobard. Mineral, muscular, intense, and coiled, the wines are impressive and show the same breed and nobility as more famous names, and, yes, while expensive, they still cost a fraction of what the more famous names command.

Kermit Lynch seems to understand white Burgundy like no one else. Jobard is a Domaine you should be in front of. I am happy to offer the paltry allocation of 2017s we have, as well as some older wines we still have in inventory. Overlook these at your peril.

New Allocation 2017s:

2017 Jobard Bourgogne Blanc 
2017 Jobard Meursault 
2017 Jobard Meursault Tillets 
2017 Jobard Meursault Barre 
2017 Jobard Meursault 1er Charmes 
2017 Jobard Saint Aubin 1er Les Perrieres 1er 
6 X 2017 Jobard Meursault Genevrieres 


2016 Jobard Bourgogne Aligote
2016 Jobard Bourgogne Blanc
2016 Jobard Meursault
2016 Jobard Meursault En La Barre
22 X 2016 Jobard Meursault 1er Blagny
5 X 2016 Jobard Meursault 1er Charmes
12 X 2016 Jobard Puligny Montrachet 1er Champs Gain


2015 Jobard Meursault En La Barre
2015 Jobard Meursault 1er Blagny
2015 Jobard Puligny Montrachet 1er Champs Gain
2014 Jobard Meursault
2014 Jobard Meursault En La Barre
2014 Jobard Meursault 1er Blagny
2014 Jobard Puligny Montrachet 1er Champs Gain
2010 Jobard Meursault En La Barre

Posted in Burgundy List By Ian Halbert