Distinct, Delicious and D**ned Hard to Find: New Allocations from Massa Vecchia

Posted on: 10/18/18 12:01 PM

Massa Vecchia

Italian cult-phenom Massa Vecchia falls within the three D category here: Distinct, Delicious and D*** hard-to-find. These wines – mesmerizing, theatrical and always unforgettable – the allocations always bring forth a circus-like pandemonium with each new release. So, the show must go on. Today we have grabbed onto another sizable chunk of the country’s minuscule allocation for you. Woefully limited (only a few cases of each are available) please submit your request as early as possible. We are proud to be offering this stunning collection of wine to you.

2015 Massa Vecchia Sangiovese

2014 Massa Vecchia Querciola

2011 Massa Vecchia Querciola

NV Massa Vecchia Passito

More about the Wine

Massa Vecchia can be found in Maremma, Tuscany situated on the slopes of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-esque titled Metalliferous Hills. Only 6 hectares in size of which only 3.6 hectares is composed of vineyards, Massa Vecchia and its 15,000 bottle production is a tiny hand-crafted artisanal operation. Founded in 1985 by Fabrizio Niccolaini and later run by his wife, Patrizia Bartolini, the winery is now in the hands of Patrizia’s daughter Francesca Sfrondrini. Needless to say but these wines have captured the hearts and imagination of Italian wine fanatics all over the world. Each bottle of Massa Vecchia is distinct in its own powers. Some are mighty, rhythmic and intense, while others are a rapture of haunting elegance. No matter the character the wines always seem to put a spell on you.

Heavily focused on practicing organic, the vineyards are never sprayed with herbicides, pesticides or insecticides (the only treatments being occasionally sulphur and copper). The same non-interventionist approach is carried out in the cellar, where chemical additions such as nutrients, dye, yeast inoculation and sulphur additions are never carried out. In the cellar, the wines are left to ferment at their will, with malolactic fermentations finishing at their will, sometime, over years. It goes without saying, there is no fining or filtration.

For many “Natural” winemakers these facts would be repeated until the room runs out of oxygen. But this is not important for Massa Vecchia–the outstanding quality of the wines do the talking. For those who want an evening of endless fascination and discussion, we implore you to experience these majestic wines.

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