Custom Tequila Bottle Engraving

Custom Tequila Bottle Engraving
Add a touch of uniqueness to your fiestas with a one-of-a-kind personalized tequila bottle. At Gordon’s Fine Wine, we can etch the perfect image or saying into the glass, turning a gift into a treasured piece of art. Embrace the rich heritage of tequila with an engraved bottle, your favorite brand featuring a customized look for your friends, family, or yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions

What parts of the bottle can I engrave?

Placement can be as important as the image or messaging. Since the engraving of every custom tequila bottle from Gordon’s Fine Wine is custom-etched, we can add details to almost any part of the tequila bottle

Can I add custom designs?

Yes, of course. Whether it’s a standardized logo for corporate gifting, a bride and groom’s initials following their special day, or a secret message shared over a few bottles of tequila, our team can etch it.

How do I order a custom bottle engraving?

Whether you are looking for a custom Don Julio bottle or a personalized tequila bottle of your choosing, we welcome you to start by browsing our rich selection of premium-quality spirits. Once you find the right bottle, get in touch with us to let us know about the custom design you would like engraved. We will then meticulously etch the design of your choice on the glass, creating a stunning engraved tequila bottle.