Main Street, Waltham • Culinary Center
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Oct 12 2018

Welcome Nick Taylor back to Main Street as he leads us through the incredible lineup Balblair offers.

As scotch drinkers continue to move from blended whisky to single malt, we are seeing the emergence of official bottlings from old famous distilleries. One such distillery is Balblair. Known for its vintage bottlings, Balblair is quickly establishing itself as one of the best single malt producers on the market. Its whisky is robust, extremely well rounded and teeming with fruit notes. On Friday October 12, Nick Taylor will be back at Gordon’s Main St. Nick will take you through the history and production of Balblair whisky and pour the following line-up:

• Balblair 2005
• Balblair 2003
• Balblair 1999
• Balblair 1990
• Balblair 1983

If you haven’t ever tried the 1983, it is a spectacular 30+ whisky that demonstrates how whisky can have all of the benefits of age without losing texture or distillate character.

Tickets are $15 each.

Hopefully we will see you there.

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