Kavalan Whisky MasterClass

Kavalan Whisky MasterClass

Culinary Center - 894 Main St, Waltham, 02453
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM, Jul 09 2019

Kavalan is the distillery that put Taiwanese whisky on the map, and it has been wowing drinkers around the world since it launched its first whisky in 2008. King Car distillery is located in Yilan County, Taiwan, and the single malt whisky produced there is named after the indigenous people who originally inhabited this northeastern corner of the island: the Kavalan.

Although the distillery originated in 2005, the warm sub-tropical climate means that the whisky effectively matures more quickly and offers an impressive range of different tropical and aromatic cask bottlings. Known for its tropical-fruit style, Kavalan has won a host of prestigious awards in a very short time.

Laura will go into detail about the distillery and taste 6 variations which highlight Kavalan's signature style.

ex-Bourbon Gordon's Single Barrel 2017
ex-Bourbon Gordon's Single Barrel 2019
Sherry Cask Gordon's Single Barrel 2019
Kavalan Distillery Select
Kavalan Concertmaster
Kavalan King Car Conductor

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