The Whisky Battles Seminar Series

The Whisky Battles Seminar Series

Culinary Center - 894 Main St, Waltham, 02453
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM, Jan 07 2020

Gordon's, and Taylor Whisky Co. are proud to announce an epic 3-part seminar series, The Whisky Battles where your favorite distilleries go head to head! 

Pablo says: It brings me double pleasure hosting these seminars with Nick Taylor: on one hand, I admire his knowledge of the distilling process and his never-ending supply of whisky stories; on the other hand, I usually have fun with him. That's why we came up with three blind tastings that will feature single malt battles. Nick and I will discuss why we think one or the other distillery or expression is better, then, a panel of expert tasters (a.k.a. "you") will decide which one wins!

Nick says: It brings me triple pleasure hosting these seminars with Pablo. First, I love blind tastings because the sensory experience of whisky is almost always clouded by the brand name and what expectations we have based on who made the whisky and where it came from. Blind tastings negate that effect. Second, whisky battles are a blast because they give you an opportunity to explore the nuances of what you like in a concentrated and focused way. And third, Pablo is a delightful human being and I plan on crushing him with my whisky intellect! Mooohahaha!

Disclaimer: each distillery is represented by three contenders. Both Pablo and Nick will lineup three battles and share some information about the distilleries and expressions. Tasters won’t know which of the six expressions they are trying, until all battles are finished. Taking notes is highly suggested.

Series III: Bunnahabhain vs. Old Pulteney ($15.00)

Tuesday, December 17th from 7:00-8:30PM

On one corner of this sea monsters battle between Islay and Coastal Highland we have Bunnahabhain, responsible for one of the mildest whiskies of Islay, but still with an imposing influence of sea air and occasional, subtle use of peat. They know how to take advantage of oak for the most spectacular finishes and a rich, earthy, creamy flavor in their not-so-basic core range. On the other hand, Old Pulteney, mythical creature of a fishermen town is known for its unique location, quirky stills and its distinctive warehouses. While most salty, oily whiskies get their maritime character from the peat they burn, Old Pulteney gets it from its location and warehousing, meaning all the ocean character and none of the smoke.

Bunnahabhain: Stiuireadair, 12yo, 18yo
Old Pulteney: Huddart, 12yo, 18yo

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This 3-part series is a truly unique opportunity to revisit some old-time favorites side by side and rediscover the magic in them. We hope you join us and enjoy the experience as much as we will. Receive 10% off event night purchases of all bottles from the featured distilleries.

Sláinte mhath!