Falling for Falanghina – Brilliantly Mineral, Decidedly Refreshing

Posted on: 07/13/18 12:00 PM


After consulting the Gordon’s archives (located in a vast underground warehouse beneath Main Street) we could not locate a single record of us featuring a Falanghina in our Daily Flash program … ever. So now a moment for the history books, because today, for the first time in human history, Gordon’s is featuring a Falanghina.

Fattoria La Rivolta’s exceptional expression of the grape confidently puts forth a series of flavors, thirst quenching vignettes of pear and apple, told with focus and poise.Oh, it just won the Tre Bicchieri, too.

2016 Fattoria La Rivolta Taburno Falanghina del Sannio

“Honeysuckle, orange blossom, pear, wild herb and apple aromas follow over to the palate along with tangy nectarine and beeswax. It’s refreshingly crisp in bright acidity, with a savory mineral note that lingers on the close.” 91 Points, Wine Enthusiast

More About the Wine

This is not your Grandmother’s Falanghina. Fattoria La Rivolta Taburno’s version is not floppy, overly ripe, or generically fruity. It’s structured, bounded by sizzling tension and a cheeky textured minerality. It knows what it’s got and does it well. Sure, it’s a crisp, cool summer wine. But that doesn’t mean it is unsophisticated or lacks ambition. Quite the opposite, Fattoria’s Falanghina is loaded with powerful sense of self.

Unlike the majority of Campania’s Falanghinas which have come to rely on an easy way out (overly ripe fruit, heavy use of pesticides, safe inoculated commercial yeast for fermentations, corrective additives, etc.) Fattoria does everything in the simplest and healthiest way possible. That does not mean easy. The fruit is organically grown, harvested by hand and relentlessly sorted. Fermentation is done in stainless steel to maintain the absolute highest freshness. All the hard work shows. The juice is terrific. If you enjoy fresh, crisp wine that is beautifully textured, here is your bottle. Now if you will excuse me, I have to make my way down to the Gordon’s archives.

Posted in Daily Flash By Tim Sellon