Favorite White of the Year Returns: 2017 Atlantida Blanco

Posted on: 07/24/19 1:33 PM

A glorious follow up to the tremendous 2016 (which sold out in minutes), the 2017 Atlantida Blanco boasts rich aromatics (apple, orange blossom, salt fresh and dried stone fruits/citrus) and the signature saline infused tension holding together plump, savory, fruit (apple, tangerine and lemon) and a brilliant floral infused minerality. Guy’s #1 wine discovery of the 2018 returns and it’s stunning.

2017 Atlantida Blanco

More About the Wine

Last year we sold out of the painful small allocation of this wine (they only make 184 cases a year) but those lucky enough to experience this rare gem of a wine will do everything in their power to try it again–if they can find a bottle.

So, what makes this hyper obscure single parcel of a nearly obscure grape variety (Vijiriega) so damn special? It’s flavors and aromatics are beautiful, but, ultimately, this is a masterpiece of texture. Guy captured it perfectly here:

“This wine did the same thing to me with ‘chalkiness’. I don’t want to eat chalk, but I could drink buckets of this stuff and it manages to distill everything that I associate with chalk into something ridiculously tasty. I think it’s the combination of minerality and texture that does it. Usually wines described as mineral are light and fresh. This is soft, round, full and smooth (but is still only 12% alcohol), and oozes stoniness and a sense of the sea…It’s a rare wine that can do this. Some of the best Chablis that money can buy does it. Top top end vintage Champagne can do it. This does it as well as anything I have ever tasted.”

You could write an entire essay on the other aspects that make this wine special, too. From the singular sea-side terroir of Cádiz and it’s albariza soil, to the fascinating grape of Vijiriega and the ancient techniques used to produce this wine…there is a lot going on here. But first, you just have to taste it. Than you’ll see. Don’t miss one of our favorite white wines we’ve discovered in recent years. We guarantee you’ll be blown away.

Posted in Daily Flash By Tim Sellon