Mister Montepulciano: Library Release of Emidio Pepe

Posted on: 04/4/18 3:39 PM


There are no wines on earth like those from the legendary Emidio Pepe. Period. End of story. Earthy, bright, deep, pure—these are unquestionable treasures and truly some of Italy’s greatest wines. Since 1964, “Mister Montepulciano” has spearheaded a singular vision of Montepulciano, one that emphasizes an uncompromising, nearly extreme artisanal handmade craft and in turn has produced some of the most age worthy wines in the entire country. Once regarded as crazy, Mr.Pepe’s bottles are now rightfully considered timeless masterpieces, quickly snatched by collectors everywhere.

Located in the hills of Torano Nuovo in the Abruzzo region, near both the mountains and the sea, Mr. Pepe disregarded every modern winemaking convention. While his neighbors were churning out wine for the local co-op, Mr. Pepe recognized his Montepulciano’s terroir to be singular. Needless to say, but he was onto something.

His technique is defiantly anti-commercial and even more anti-modern. Everything is done by hand. From picking and de-stemming, even, yes, mashing the grapes by foot. They bottle by hand, even cork by hand. Pepe ferments his wine in glass lined cement, ignoring any temperature control. All his wine must age in bottle. His cantina holds a jaw dropping 350,000 library wines. Each one, after malolactic is completed (in bottle!) each one is hand-decanted (yes) off its sediment. This is truly utterly singular winemaking. No one does this. The effort is worth it: these wines are national treasures.

Today we are extremely lucky to offer some of this spectacular library release to you. These are coming straight from the winery in perfect condition. Quantities are extremely limited.


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