Mugnier. Yes, That Mugnier: Domaine JF Mugnier 2011-2015

Posted on: 11/6/18 7:23 PM


Ok, file this under “decisions, bad.” I am nearly certain that demand will vastly outstrip supply. Only a few bottles are a available for the really rare wines; some of them exist in only a single bottle. And, well, Mugnier is one of the titans, one of the growers the élite collectors fight each other to pay more and more for. I don’t imagine any of these wines will be left when the dust settles.

So, what informs this hysteria? Why the rabid rush to secure any and all Mugnier in whatever quantities may be available. Well, like Leroy, Rousseau, DRC or Roumier, this is gold-plated Burgundy, triple-A bond-rated stuff. Quality-wise, there are few better or in the same league when it comes to refinement and delicacy. And when you have some of the greatest terroir in Burgundy – Musigny, Bonnes Mares, Amoureuses – the world comes calling.

Nothing here is very complicated, the self-effacing and shy Fredy will tell you pretty straightly that everything comes down to the vineyards. Organic since 1991,

As mentioned above, the quantities are TINY. First come, first served. Teresa – batten down the hatches!

Domaine J.-F. Mugnier

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