MULTI-CASE BUY ALERT: Sub-$20 Red Burgundy. Yes, Really!

Posted on: 02/15/19 9:18 PM


I love Burgundy. The wines have a complexity and seductive quality that puts any other category to shame, in my opinion. The diversity and range of experiences to be had with only two varieties over a very small and closely confined geographic area is simply unparalleled in the world of wine.

But there is one thing about Burgundy I really don’t like, and I imagine most of you feel the same way – the price.

I’ll be blunt. Burgundy is expensive. At times, prohibitively so. And it’s happening even at the lower appellation levels. Bourgogne which was once $25 is now $40-50 and Village wine that was once $40-60 is now $60-90, or more.

But we all have that Burgundy itch. So, how to scratch it? Well, our old friend Neal Rosenthal has us covered. Neal’s been working with Pierreclos’ Thevenet family since 1982. Long a source of exceptional St. Véran and Mâcon-Pierreclos, there are a couple jewels of red wine from this very fine Domaine that often fly under the radar. And they sell for a song.

The 2017 Bourgogne Rouge Bussières Les Clos is one of them. As Neal notes: “The vines are south-facing at 350 feet above sea level on gently sloping hills that are principally composed of clay. The fruit tends to ripen early due to its excellent exposure. This wine is marked by notes of black, ripe berries, often a touch ‘sauvage.’

I agree heartily. And the wine is only $18. Yes, $18. When was the last time a Pinot Noir from Burgundy cost $18? It seems like before recorded history, at this point! Nonetheless, this wine is exceptional every year, but the juicy, jmu,py gamey fruit exuberance of 2017 makes this an easy case or case plus buy for weeknight drinking.

Don’t. Miss. This.

2017 Bourgogne Rouge Bussières Les Clos

My Note: Juicy, seductive and dark fruited, this is dangerously drinkable. There’s a hint of sauvage to keep it interesting, but this wine goes down almost too easy. At this price, I’m not sure I bought enough!

Posted in Daily Flash By Ian Halbert