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Little Crumbs of Gold: Raul Perez & Comando G

Little Crumbs of Gold: Raul Perez & Comando G

Posted on: 2/22/2019 4:19 PM

As winter continues to roll on now is the perfect moment to heat things up with two precious allocations of Spain’s hottest estates: Raul Perez and Comando G. Beloved by wine geeks everywhere, both of these young, critically buzzing estates are on fire with collectors, the press and us humble retailers alike. If you haven’t cracked a bottle, do yourself a favor and experience them. Success stories have abounded in Spain in recent years but none may be more important than that of Daniel Landi, Fernando Garcia and Raul Perez. Together they represent the new generation of “cool” Spain. Their wines...Learn more
Sweetly Spiced Orchard Fruit for the Fall: 2016 Bechtold Pinot Gris Silberberg
It’s Fall which means we have officially arrived in Pinot Gris season.The heavier, richer flavors of Autumn gives us the best opportunity to savor and appreciate one of the least understood and recognized noble grapes being produced today, Pinot Gris. Our favorite – both in taste and value – is Jean-Marie Bechtold’s 2016 Silberberg. Sweetly spiced apples, stone fruits, almonds and a touch of cream are etched inside a cushioned, soft, just off-dry, body… Silberberg’s plush interior and a whisper of residual...Learn more
Zero Horseplay Here: Sexy Collectible Cuvées From Courdert!
I’ve been handed the Burgundy List reigns for one express reason: to pontificate a set of wines that every Burgundy drinker should not be without, Alain Coudert’s iconic Clos de la Roilette. Most of you are familiar with how much we adore these wines. But I wanted to bring special attention to how much our own Burgundy buyer, the man who pens this list himself, loves Roilette. Yes, that’s right, the king of Burgundy, Ian Halbert, has publicly admitted: “As a wine professional, I often field questions about what I drink at home on a Wednesday night. More often...Learn more
94 Point, $18 “Pinot”: Spanish New Wave Sensation
It’s one of the most common stories told today: overlooked appellations, written off by elitists to be produce sub-par wine, is invigorated and brought to life by young, passionate winemakers, thereby turning the world’s opinion upside down. It’s my favorite story, one that never gets old. While Grenache’s historical/spiritual home may be in the South of France, it’s exciting future rests in Spain’s hands. Specifically, the hands and work of Fernando Garcia, who together with Dani Landi, are the creative forces behind Comando G. These two have completely redefined what great Garnacha can be, turning an...Learn more
“Present Day American Benchmarks”: 2016 Arnot-Roberts
Here’s some crazy news for you: we discovered another tiny parcel of gold dust, this time being the super sexy (and damn delicious) 2016’s from Arnot-Roberts. While we recently offered and sold these wines back in August, the appetite and desire for them is simply enormous–as they should be. This is one of the hottest and most sought-after estates in California. 2016 was a terrific year for Sonoma. “2016 marks a return to a much more relaxed, growing season with ideal conditions for making wines endowed with energy, freshness and delineation that provide a striking foil to California’s natural...Learn more
Stop Everything: Rare, Crazy Pricing on a Burgundy Icon - Comte Lafon Collectible at the Lowest Price in the Country
This is a hot one, ladies and gentlemen! Domaine des Comtes Lafon is an icon of Burgundy. Long a standard bearer for excellence on the Côte de Beaune, his range of Meursaults and Volnays are legendary monuments to exactly what great Burgundy can and must be. The Volnay 1er Santenots du Milieu has always been a special bottling, offering sultry, opulent fruit from the get-go, and yet also having the concentration and structure to age for decades. I have had the pleasure of drinking the...Learn more
Drink Like the Owner of Château Montrose for $30
Today brings a special on one of the most exciting annual releases from Bordeaux, Château Montrose’s ‘Saint Estèphe’. This is their magnificent value third wine, made in the same winery and produced from the same extraordinary terroir as the Grand Vin, the 2015 of which sells for a little under $200. Made from the younger vines of the estate that don’t yet offer enough depth, complexity and ageability to make it into the top wine, before 2010 it was only made available to owners and employees of Montrose and would often be served at parties in the cellars. If it’s good enough for a party in the cellar of...Learn more
MULTI-CASE BUY ALERT: Sub-$20 Red Burgundy. Yes, Really!
I love Burgundy. The wines have a complexity and seductive quality that puts any other category to shame, in my opinion. The diversity and range of experiences to be had with only two varieties over a very small and closely confined geographic area is simply unparalleled in the world of wine. But there is one thing about Burgundy I really don’t like, and I imagine most of you feel the same way - the price.I’ll be blunt. Burgundy is expensive. At times, prohibitively so. And it’s happening even at the lower appellation levels. Bourgogne which was once $25 is now $40-50 and Village wine that was once...Learn more
“Burgundy with bubbles”: Profound Champagnes of Ruppert-Leroy
Ruppert-Leroy is one of the most exciting new voices to emerge from Champagne in years. Lead by Bénédicte and Emmanuel Leroy, this tiny four hectare estate in the Aube has quickly gained attention from critics and collectors worldwide. The wines, which many insiders have proclaimed to be “Burgundy with bubbles”, are incredibly vinous and fruit-intense making us recall another heavy-weight we’ve come to feverously collect, Cedric Bouchard. Ms. Leroy’s parents were originally sheep farmers settling...Learn more
Rising Star’s “Premier Cru” for $25: 2017 Eva Fricke Kiedrich Riesling Trocken
Of all the things Eva Fricke is doing right­ – be it earning the ‘Rising Star award’ from der Feinschmecker, or ‘New Comer of the Year’ from Falstaff, or ‘Rising Heroine’ from Stuart Piggot, or earning not one but two Rieslings on James Suckling’s 100 best wines, her biggest contribution has been her tireless advocacy for organic and biodynamic viticulture. It is why in some circles she is quietly (and not so quietly) being deemed the future of German wine. Today we’re featuring her “Premier Cru”...Learn more
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