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A More Daring Sauvignon Blanc: 2016 Bisson Portofino Bianco Çimixà "L'Antico"
Wild white flowers, peachcore, salt, herbs … the 2016 Bisson Portofino Bianco Çimixà "L'Antico" is simply superb and one of the most exciting and textured white wines we’ve tasted as of late. Think a more daring, texturally entrancing Sauvignon Blanc and you’re getting there. Sort of. Because Sauvignon Blanc makes this wine sound generic, when it is decidedly not. It is Ligurian, proudly and defiantly, and the Mediterranean salt licks the rim of your glass in every sip to prove it! Bisson gets a lot of...Learn more
“All The Right Notes”: 2015/2016 Montevertine
Few offerings gather as much interest and enthusiasm as those from Martino Manetti’s beloved Montevertine. Back in October we released the duo of 2016 Pian del Ciampolo and the 2015 Montevertine. Already wildly popular no matter the vintage, the 2015 and 2016(two exceptional years for Tuscany) were especially sought after. We’re thankful (and lucky) to offer you a rare second round to increase your stock on two of our favorite Italian bottles released this year. Hauntingly elegant and pure, Mr. Manetti’s wines continue to remind us why we cherish and collect Italian wine. With its supple...Learn more
They're Back! "Almost Magical, Lost-In-Time": Unique 2016 White Burgunies From Domaine De Chérisey
Domaine de Chérisey is one of my favorite white Burgundy producers and one of the finest addresses Kermit Lynch imports. In fact, despite being founded in 1811, the Domaine is somewhat new to the scene, and poised to become a cult address, for a number of reasons. Historically the wines were always sold off in bulk to the négociants. However, beginning in the 1980s the address started bottling under their own labels. The quality of the wines were strong enough to compel both...Learn more
“Takes Your Breath Away”: 99 Point 2010 Muga Prado Enea
Muga’s Prado Enea is one of the last truly great traditional Gran Reservas still being made today. The wines are captivating in their old-fashioned regal/intellectual tone yet are also inherently sensual by way of their polished texture and decadent fruit. With the exception of Lopez de Heredia, no other winery captures the old soul of Rioja so beautifully. The hype for the 2010 release of Prado Enea has been immense, and for good reason. Many consider 2010 to be the greatest vintage for Rioja in the last fifty years. By far one of the most balanced in recent memory, the vintage combines ripeness and...Learn more
Showstopping, Old-School Domestic Cabernet - Overdelivering and Undercharging, for Once!
This might just be the most exciting American wine I’ve discovered since I moved here in 2016. The reason? This is just what I’m always looking for and struggle to find- well made, well priced, and most importantly well balanced Cabernet. I love Napa, but boy does it get pricey for the good stuff. Here instead we’re in Washington State’s sought after Red Mountain AVA, with a wine that wonderfully combines old world complexity with new world intensity. When you get what Jeb Dunnock describes below, loads of...Learn more
Screaming Deal on Puligny 1er Cru from a Kermit Lynch Producer
Domaine Larue is an unassuming Domaine with little light shining in on it. Located in the hamlet of Gamay, it is not unsurprising that the majority of the wines here are from St. Aubin. However, the Domaine has several rather large holdings in Puligny as well, where the same deft touch produces wines of minerality, purity and length. Plus, they’re very short money for what Burgundy sells for these days. We all know Kermit has a knack for white Burgundy - after all, Roulot, Raveneau, A. Ente and Coche-Dury are pretty...Learn more
“A Less Gregarious Pétrus”: Hot Price on Pomerol Megastar Trotanoy’s 2015
It’s a challenge to get across in a few paragraphs just how stunningly special Château Trotanoy is. Pomerol is perhaps the most sacred wine turf in the world to me, and this is about as good as it gets. That’s quite a claim when their neighbours on Pomerol’s legendary clay ‘button’ include Petrus, Le Pin, and Vieux Château Certan, but it’s one that I’m happy to make. In 19th century editions of the legendary wine guide Feret, Trotanoy was ranked as number two in Pomerol- above their sibling property...Learn more
92 Point, $17 Petalos Returns!

92 Point, $17 Petalos Returns!

Posted on: 12/27/2018 2:47 PM

Mr. Palacios wisely decided on Priorat, where he would achieve worldwide fame with “L’Ermita” and “Finca Dofi.” But there had been a close contender: Bierzo. It had all the ingredients that Alvaro yearned for: incredibly steep hillside vineyards; distinctive terroirs; and, most importantly, ancient vineyards of Mencía—a unique red grape believed brought by French pilgrims during the Middle Ages. Meanwhile, his nephew Ricardo Perez had finished enological studies in Bordeaux and was travelling across France—absorbing everything he could about great wines. Flash forward to 2001, and Alvaro and Ricardo found...Learn more
THE PERFECT Holiday Wine! 94 Points

THE PERFECT Holiday Wine! 94 Points

Posted on: 12/22/2018 2:42 PM

We’re deep into the party season, but don’t worry, re-enforcements have arrived with the stunning 94 point powerhouse 2016 Domaine Lafage Cotes du Roussillon Bastide Miraflors. 94 points people! For nothing! Make no mistake, this is OUR PARTY WINE OF THE YEAR. Since its initial run a few years ago, we’ve sold literally hundreds of cases of Domaine Lafage. Always consistently critically acclaimed, their Cotes du Roussillon offers the best of both worlds: sweet vivid fruit, suave velvety texture and striking freshness. Winemaker Jean-Marc Lafage has hit sold gold with this. Fifty year old plus vines, organically grown...Learn more
“Total Rock Star”: 95+ 2015 Relentless

“Total Rock Star”: 95+ 2015 Relentless

Posted on: 12/21/2018 2:04 PM

Shafer Vineyards continues its reign as one of Napa’s premiere powerhouses, crafting rich, sumptuous wines that set the gold standard for excellence vintage after vintage. Today we’re offering the much sought after 2015 Relentless. Relentless, as many of you already know, is one of the premier blue-chip Napa bottles. It is also iconic – and a reference point for what California reds can do outside of Cabernet Sauvignon. Robert Parker once famously called the Syrah/Petite Syrah blend "about as profound as you can get from those varietals." Not bad praise.Learn more
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