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Value Chenin Surprise: 2017 Mary Taylor Anjou Blanc
Mary Taylor is the newest wave of upcoming young American importers vying to bring undiscovered French gems back to our shores. Already an uphill battle (legendary figures such as Neal Rosenthal, Kermit Lynch and Becky Wasserman have been scouring these appellations for decades), Ms. Taylor has added another daunting challenge to her already formidable ambitions. Not only must the wines be exceptional and farmed in either a sustainable or completely organic (read: costly) manner, they must also be extremely accessible in price. For those who derive sick pleasure from sadistic...Learn more
Unicorn Alert! Sub $50, 94 point, Organic & Estate Grown Napa Cab
It would be easy to sell this wine simply with the price, provenance and score. Under $50 Estate grown Rutherford Cabernet from a special vintage with 94 points from Antonio Galloni doesn’t come around often. However- I have a whole lot more to say about why this wine has recently become special to me. While you may feel familiar with the winery on some level, and you might be used to seeing its name on retail shelves, this is the time to stop and give an extraordinary producer the attention it deserves.Learn more
Decades of Port: Our Annual Kopke Colheita Offer 1937-2008
It’s September, fall is coming and while we’ll all be sad to see summer go, this does bring one thing to be excited about. It’s time for our annual Kopke Port extravaganza! Kopke are the kings of tawny port, keeping what must be the world’s biggest and best collection of back vintages, going back decades and decades. Each year they select some of these wines to release small quantities of to select suppliers. Each year we are proud to be involved, and each time they represent some of the most remarkable wine buys that it’s possible to make. There are two sides to consider here in particular, one is simply that...Learn more
“The Pearl of the Côte”: 2016 Excellence in Vosne
The Gros family seems to have a tentacle in nearly every hectare of Vosne-Romanée. After all, there are so many of them - Anne-Françoise Gros (i.e. Domaine A.-F. Gros) - Michel Gros, Anne Gros, and Gros Frères et Soeurs. With deep roots in the appellation and an extensive history with the vines, the family has amassed some impressive holdings - Richebourg, Echézeaux, Grands Echézeaux, important parcels in Clos Vougeot, including Le Grand Maupertui and en Musigni, Vosne 1ers Chaumes, aux Brûlées and the monopole Clos de la Fontaine, parcels of Aux Réas and Les Barreaux … well, you get the idea.Learn more
Glorious, Sublime & Hugely Limited: 2017 Francois & Pascal Cotat Pre-arrival
The wines from the Cotat cousins defy conventional conversation regarding Sauvignon Blanc. Actually, they defy just about everything. In the same vein as Edmond Vatan (his Sancerre is much harder to find and twice more expensive) these are some of the Loire’s and France’s most singular and profound wines. Featuring signature tactile layers of kaleidoscopic fruit and seemingly multi-dimensional minerality, an night with either Francois or Pascal’s Sancerre is always an experience.Learn more
Mouton of the Andes: 97 pt. Almaviva 2016

Mouton of the Andes: 97 pt. Almaviva 2016

Posted on: 9/19/2018 8:00 AM

Almaviva is a collaboration between Concha y Toro and Baron Philippe de Rothschild. Founded in 1997, the idea was to create a Chilean Grand Cru Classé. To say that they have achieved their goal is an understatement. The wine has achieved a level of global recognition as not just a Chilean First Growth, but one of the world’s great Cabernet blends. With 60 hA in Maipo Valley’s Puente Alta, the highest point in the valley, the alluvial soils are ideal for the traditional Bordeaux grapes, with a strong core of Cabernet Sauvignon but also supporting vines of Carmenère, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot.Learn more
Rioja on the Cutting Edge of Tradition

Rioja on the Cutting Edge of Tradition

Posted on: 9/18/2018 8:01 AM

Today I’m particularly excited to offer the latest gems that I discovered on my trip to Spain in April- a stunning pair of Riojas that offer unbelievable value for money and make a magnificent comparison with one another. Perhaps I shouldn’t say ‘discovered’ for the first, La Antigua Clasico Reserva, as we offered their 2008 last year and it was enormously popular. This year though we’re back with their even better 2010- a phenomenally good vintage in Rioja and a ridiculously good wine for this price. The second, Sierra de La Demanda Tinto, is a magnificent new find for me and flat out one of the most impressive...Learn more
CASE BUY ALERT!!! 2015 Red Burgundy 1er Cru Greatness at pre-2009 Pricing!!!
For all its tradition and history, Burgundy is still a relatively dynamic place. Domaines and négociants are founded and sold, vineyards trade hands and the market changes rapidly (unfortunately only in one direction of late). Often in the sturm und drang of this commotion there are deals to be found. Today, I have one such deal. Last year Domaine Prieur-Brunet sold to négociant titan Louis Jadot. The small family Domaine had a quiet legacy, but a noble one. With a history stretching back to 1804, the Prieur...Learn more
CASE BUY ALERT: Insane 2016 Value from Right Bank Iconoclast Ch. Le Puy!
Château le Puy has justifiably built up a huge following here over the past couple of years. We’re not exactly alone, as it seems to have done the wine equivalent of ‘going viral’. The surprising kick-starter was in Japan, where incredibly a wine themed manga essentially named it the greatest wine in the world. That might all seem a bit silly, but it does seem to have begun a global awakening via a chain reaction. Of course, none of that ‘hype’ would have got anywhere if people weren’t blown away each time...Learn more
Never Fail: 2015 Produttori del Babaresco La Torre - 93 pts.
Is there as reliable a wine as Produttori del Barbaresco’s Barbaresco “La Torre”? Is there a wine as iconic and appellation-defining as “La Torre”? I think the answer is demonstrably - “no.” Yes, there may be challengers, wines which reliably overdeliver on value, as well as reflect their origins accurately. But, really, there aren’t many challengers to the supremacy of this wine in Barbaresco as perhaps the Barbaresco, the Ur-Barbaresco, as it were. After all, if you were to pick a single wine to define the appellation, I can’t imagine a better wine that Produttori’s “La Torre.” Moreover, it may just be the ultimate...Learn more
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