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WE GOT MORE: DRC’s Réserve Privée: The Epic 2017 Domaine A. & P. de Villaine Releases
A & P de Villaine sells for all the wrong reasons, which I cheekily jested about in in my subject line. Yes, this is the personal, family Domaine of Aubert de Villaine, perhaps best known as the director of the holiest of all French wine holies - Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. And, yes, it is this aspect which most piques the interest of the market. And, yet, all of the hype aside: these are soulful wines from one of the most passionate producers in Burgundy. That's why you should buy them, but I know it is not why many will.Learn more
Lowest Price in the Country! Once-in-a-Lifetime 44% OFF Northern Rhône Legend
Mr. Voge began making wine in 1958 on his father’s farm located in the heart of Cornas. This was not an easy decision–though Cornas had a rich and prestigious history, the appellation itself was in danger of being slowly forgotten. Mr. Voge quickly began to understand his life’s mission: to bring his Cornas to the best restaurants in France and show the true magic of his terroir. With over seventy parcels covering seven hectares, it is no wonder that Mr. Voge sometimes seems preoccupied. Half in jest, Voge says he harvests...Learn more
“One of the most exciting addresses in the Côte d'Or”: 2017 Domaine Bernard Moreau
To say that I think the wines of Domaine Bernard Moreau are exceptional is an understatement. Bluntly, it is my estimation that Alexandre Moreau and his brother Benoit have put this Domaine squarely atop the quality hierarchy and represent the best of what Burgundy can achieve. As many are aware, in the past 10-15 years new Domaine have emerged to challenge the old order of White Burgundy excellence, where Raveneau, Ramonet, Leflaive, Lafon and Coche-Dury have sat for so long. Names like...Learn more
95 Point, $32 Classical Gigondas from the Greatest Southern Rhône Vintage in Generations
Situated in the heart of the village of Gigondas, the domaine was founded in 1900 by Eugene Bonfils, the great-grandfather of the current proprietor, Stephanie Fumoso. Ms. Fumoso has recently taken over complete winemaking duties and, according to what we’ve tasted, things are working out quite well. Josh Raynolds of Vinous recently completed a trip the estate and seems to agree: “Owner and winemaker Stephanie Fourmosa has achieved a seamless takeover of the domaine from her formidably...Learn more
Bubbly Elite: New Bérêche Champagne

Bubbly Elite: New Bérêche Champagne

Posted on: 8/7/2019 10:57 AM

Bérêche Champagne seamlessly marry endless richness, texture and depth with mesmerizing freshness and verve. They are masterpieces which are extraordinarily rare and for some crazy reason very, very well priced. You won’t find better values in Champagne. Period. Most of what we are offering isn’t made available for the general public in America. 99% of Bérêche what produces is sold to private clients driving from London, Paris or Brussels. The rest of that 1% is allocated to Michelin starred restaurants either in Champagne or Paris. The tiny dribbles that are left is then sent to America. You just don’t see this stuff...Learn more
A Chassagne Master Heads South: Under-$40 1er Cru White Burgundy YOU. MUST. BUY.
Look, there’s a lot of hype in the selling of wine. Every other email floating about in the universe of mailers claims to be hawking the next emergent “cult wine” or the truest inheritor to the Coche legacy or that the winemaker is the reborn Henri Jayer, hellbent on improving on his already august legacy. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the story behind the wine is worth celebrating and underscoring, emphatically. In rhetorical terms, this might more accurately be called hyperbole. Some might consider it...Learn more
Carbonnieux Blanc 2016- In House Summer Special on a Store Favourite

One of the most reliable, excellent value and well-loved names in the field is Chateau Carbonnieux, located in the heart of Bordeaux’s best spot for whites in Pessac Leognan. Neighboured by superstar chateaux Haut Bailly and Smith Haut Lafitte, Carbonnieux is a large (90 hectare) estate- giving it enough volume to be selective, and still make consistently excellent stuff. They’re also family owned with a focus on quality and character, so there’s no corporate pressure...Learn more

The Dog Days were Made for Rosés

The Dog Days were Made for Rosés

Posted on: 8/2/2019 10:31 AM

It’s hot; it’s humid. You’ve probably eaten a lot of take out or been relying on the grill for dinner. Maybe you’ve been escaping to the beach or pool, and your electric bill is probably soaring, as your A/C runs relentlessly to keep the oppressive heat at bay. These are indeed the dog days of summer. The sun is at its highest and hottest, the days are long and humid. Sweat abounds. We all search for relief. In the world of wine there is no greater relief than Rosé, and when it comes to Rosé there are no greater Rosés than those from Provence. Ch. Gassier is a leading estate in Côtes de Provence, specializing in...Learn more
Two First Names, Huge Scores: Peter Michael Allocations
British entrepreneur Peter Michael turned 81 last year, but that hasn’t stopped his legendary estate from sitting on top of every California collector’s wish list. Today we are offering a hyper-rare assortment of gems from this storied domain. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Sir (he was knighted by the Queen) Michael’s bottles are the vinous equivalent to a Rolls Royce–magnificently luxurious and impeccable made–and only a lucky few have the rare opportunity to experience them. Despite the tiny allocations and huge following, this is isn’t an estate that is resting on their laurels, either. A critics favorite...Learn more
Certified Smash Hit: 2017 Broadside Cabernet

Certified Smash Hit: 2017 Broadside Cabernet

Posted on: 8/1/2019 10:22 AM

Another summer, another certified smash hit from our friends over at Broadside. There is a small ocean of “value” Cab from California ­– but year in and year out there has been only one estate that manages to do it right and that’s Broadside. An annual favorite of the NyTime’s Eric Asimov, as well as Jon Bonné (Punch) and the San Francisco Chronicle – this nifty $12 bottle is a certified #1 Platinum hit for the summer time, and deserves every bit of praise. With its keen sense of old school balance (13% alcohol), sustainable viticulture and Old World traditional wine making, Broadside ticks all the right boxes. You won’t find a better...Learn more
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