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You’ve Been Warned: 2016 Jérôme Chezeaux

You’ve Been Warned: 2016 Jérôme Chezeaux

Posted on: 7/23/2019 3:31 PM

Look, 2016 is a PROFOUND vintage in Burgundy, especially for the reds. Concentrated, yet harmoniously balanced on fine-boned structure and clarity of terroir expression, 2016 most resembles 2010. These are the kind of red Burgundies that will age for decades, yet offer opportunity for enjoyment throughout their lives. Such opportunities cannot be overlooked … especially when Jérôme Chezeaux is in the offing. This remarkable producer, a cornerstone of Neal Rosenthal’s Burgundy book, is perennially overlooked, despite the fact that the wines most resemble Mugneret-Gibourg stylistically...Learn more
Get it While You Can! First Growth Busting, Blind Tasting Winning, 2015 Hidden Superstar
Each January back home in London, a group of the top tasters in the Bordeaux trade and press get together for a blind tasting of the most recent ‘in bottle’ vintage. The critic notes and scores are out for the 2015s, and I could not be more excited by the performance of one wine in particular. One that outscored not only all the other wines in its appellation, but all sorts of other superstars including Château Lafite and Château Latour. Wonderfully- a wine that is yours today for $38. It’s a...Learn more
The New Order in Tuscany: Ultra Pure, Sublime Sangiovese from an Emerging Cult Priestess
Giovanna Morganti is quickly becoming recognized as one of the best of the new generation of Tuscan winemakers and her 2016 Le Trame Chianti Classico from Podere Le Boncie is fabulous. With her profound respect and understanding of tradition along with the incredible 2016 vintage (beautiful depth, regal bearing and the astonishing freshness) every bottle of Ms. Morganti’s Le Trame is sublime. Make no mistake: this is one of the most impressive 2016 Chianti we’ve tasted to date...Learn more
“Your New Favorite Domaine”: 2016 Gems from Under-the-Radar
Domaine Coquard Fleurot Loison has been hiding in plain sight for years. Situated in the heart of Flagey-Echezeaux, this historic house has breathtaking holdings, which, for years, ended up in the bottles of the négociants rather than under the Domaine’s own label. That all began to change with the ascendance of Claire Fleurot and winemaker Thomas Calladot. Today, everything is bottled at the Domaine, rather than sold off. Moreover, the wines are stupendous. Pure, fleshy, elegant and avoiding...Learn more
“A Future Legend”: 2015 Luigi Ferrando Carema “Etichetta Bianca”
Of all the wines in Neal Rosenthal’s legendary portfolio, none tug at our heartstrings quite like Luigi Ferrando’s astonishing alpine Nebbiolo. Ethereal to the point of haunting, they sum up everything we love about wine: awe-inspiring detail, humbling transparency and magnificent grace. Very few wines on Earth transmit a terroir’s soul like these wines can. “No single wine in our portfolio is more illustrative of our work than this brilliant rendition of Nebbiolo,” confesses Neal Rosenthal, who goes on to describe...Learn more
Staggering Scores on Newest Arnot Robert’s Release
The newest Arnot-Robert’s release picks up where things left off last time around: huge staggering scores and tiny quantities. The immensely sought-after cult California producer–easily one of the hottest in the Golden State–has once again struck gold. Take a look at these scores, take a look at these prices and you’ll understand why these bottles are going to disappear in seconds. With extremely limited quantities only a lucky few will manage to experience these gems! DON’T WAIT! The 2017 White Wine Old Vine Heinstein Vineyard is another fabulous...Learn more
Some of the Most Important Wines of France: Domaine Romain Guiberteau
It’s one of our favorite days of the year…the release of new Guiberteau. Old vines (80+), exceptional vineyards (some of the finest in the Loire) and an ambitious and immensely talented young winemaker has made this estate the new top dog (particularly after the fall of Clos Rougeard). Very few producers garner as much excitement and hype as these bottles do. With the new 2018 vintage Guiberteau returns pushing his remarkable wines to new heights. His “entry” 2018 bottlings are...Learn more
Just Landed: Insane 2016 “Hudelot-Noellat” Value Case Buys
“Innovation” is a funny word in Burgundy, because it often implies very small departures from previous generations. So, too, at Hudelot-Noellat, where Charles has improved upon Alain’s exacting perfectionism with some techniques very much in vogue these days at cult addresses, such as Fourrier, Pacalet and Bachelet. The core remains the same: systematic selection massale replanting in the vineyards to retain very old vines, planted at high density; destemming and 5-6 day cold soak macerations before natural yeast fermentations; followed by 18-months in oak before bottling...Learn more
MULTIPLE CASE BUY ALERT:  2010 Right Bank Bordeaux - Outrageous $15 Value
2010 is a vintage almost beyond belief for Bordeaux. Described at the time by one of the world’s foremost experts on the region, Steven Spurrier, as ‘the best vintage of my lifetime’. Personally I think the very young 2016 will at least give it a good run for its money, but other than that, I would agree with Mr Spurrier, 2010 is the finest vintage of Bordeaux that I have seen. While the top wines are still improving, I’ve written before that this is the time to be loading up on ‘value’ 2010s. Almost certainly the last time...Learn more
With Depth and Delicacy: 2014 Monsecco Pratogrande Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo
A pillar of Neal Rosenthal’s portfolio, Monsecco has been around since 1758. Revived in 1993 by Giorgio Zanetta, whose family has a long history of producing wine in the Alto Piemonte, the Monsecco wines are classical, openhearted expressions that balance their serious, reserved nature with plainspoken detail and subtlety. No flashiness or sex-appeal needed here, the wines rely on their own strength at transmitting terroir. That terroir is the massif of Monte Rosa in the Upper Piedmont, where Monsecco’s twenty-five year...Learn more
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