Of all the wines in Neal Rosenthal’s legendary portfolio, none tug at our heartstrings quite like Luigi Ferrando’s astonishing alpine Nebbiolo. Ethereal to the point of haunting, they sum up everything we love about wine: awe-inspiring detail, humbling transparency and magnificent grace. Very few wines on Earth transmit a terroir’s soul like these wines can. “No single wine in our portfolio is more illustrative of our work than this brilliant rendition of Nebbiolo,” confesses Neal Rosenthal, who goes on to describe Carema (the first wine he commercially imported) as “one of the most iconic wines in our portfolio.”

These wines are allocated to the bottle for their Stateside release. We’re thrilled to present a generous allocation of the historic 2015’s to you. For fans of Mr. Rosenthal’s iconic collection, today’s offer is akin to the Holy Grail. Do not miss these astonishing, legendary wines.

2015 Luigi Ferrando Carema “Etichetta Bianca”

From Importer Neal Rosenthal: “For us, Ferrando’s white-label Carema is perhaps the ne plus ultra of Alpine wine—as well as the most gorgeous expression of Nebbiolo in existence—and the 2015 is a future legend. With its mouthwatering acidity, its sumptuously velvety texture, its panoply of spices, and its eerily pure fruit, it embodies what makes Carema so special, yet with a bit more authority and power than in a more typical vintage. Aged in a combination of large Stockinger casks and smaller barriques and tonneaux (all well-used), it presents relatively open at this youthful stage—perhaps a function of 2015’s generosity of fruit—yet the underlying structure and tension promise a long life.”

2015 Luigi Ferrando Carema “Etichetta Nera”

From Importer Neal Rosenthal: “Comprising only 20% of the vintage’s production, the 2015 black-label Carema is more inward and reticent at this early point in its life than its white-label brother. Interestingly, the black-label displays less disparity in heft with the “Etichetta Bianca” than it often does, coming across as relatively equal in structure yet with more bottom-end and a slightly darker, lusher personality than the white-label In contrast to the white-label, this is aged exclusively in smaller French oak—a mix of 225-liter barriques and 500- liter tonneaux—and without anything close to new wood. This is a monumentally built wine that beckons for a bit of time, but will surely reward it.”

More About the Wine

Born on two hectares of steep mountain terraces in the upper Piedmonte, this is Nebbiolo in its most haunting and intriguing form. Many have called the wines born from Carema “mountain Barolo” but I believe that to be misleading. If Barolo and the rest of the Langhe is about muscle, than Nebbiolo from Carema is about nerves. Ferrando’s beloved bottles are the polar opposite to the power and drama of Barolo: delicate, agile, subtle and hauntingly aromatic. For those of you who have come to enjoy the Rosenthal portfolio (we have met very few who do not) you would be remiss if you did not experience the beating heart of his entire book. “For us at Rosenthal Wine Merchant, Ferrando Carema is more than a wine; it’s an emblem—a one-wine encapsulation of our history, our aesthetic sensibilities, and our most deeply held values.” We strongly urge every wine lover to experience these unbelievable wines.