We’re keeping the drive going and surging well over $10,000, we’re honored to be part of the outpouring of support for our brothers and sisters in hospitality hurting right now. We also love that we can do this by bringing you some of the world’s greatest wine. And the 2016s from Tuscany are surely world-class. 

How good? Here’s what Galloni has had to say about 2016 in Tuscany:

“A balanced growing season with no shock events produced a set of truly exceptional, highly promising wines. The 2016s are distinguished by their superb aromatic presence, silky tannins, layered fruit and fabulous sense of harmony. The 2016s I have tasted so far point to a high-quality vintage that may very well turn out to be profound.” Antonio Galloni

And there is a lot to love in Neal Rosenthal’s Villa Sta. Anna’s sure-to-be-classic 2016 Vino Nobile di Montelpulciano. We are talking about magical 2016 after all - a once-in-a-generation vintage for Italy. Boasting superb aromatics and luscious body filled with wild flowers, juicy sweet dark fruit and fresh spices – this isn’t “just” another Villa Sta. Anna release. This is a best-selling wine, already a surefire hit, that’s made even better with 2016’s magnificent charm. Always a value, today’s epic release may be the best bottling to date from one of true favorites from Tuscany.

While many of you are familiar with Villa Sant’Anna through their remarkable and insanely valued Chianti Colli Senesi (an excellent wine that we sell out of every year), few are aware that Villa Sant’Anna is run and managed completely by women. This all-female team – a rarity in the wine world – is nicknamed “the woman’s winery” in the tiny village of Abbadia di Montepulciano in the hills of southern Tuscany. Led by the talented Simona Ruggeri and her two daughters, Ms. Ruggeri sticks to her family’s two-hundred-year script of making wine. This means no mechanical harvest – everything is done by hand– using only natural native yeast and aging in old large barrels, just like her grandparents have done so.

To be fair Ms. Ruggeri has injected some modernity into her practice, choosing to completely destem and incorporating huge 70,000-liter stainless steel vats for fermentation. She also has help controlling pests and disease in the vineyard through an integrated pest management system (IPM) making her fruit not able to be certified 100% organic. But you know what. Who cares? We have to remind ourselves in wine that modernity is not the devil. Ms. Ruggeri and her fearsomely talented team have produced outstanding wine for the asking price.


2016 Villa Sta. Anna Vino Nobile di Montepulciano $32 NET


***$5 of every bottle sold will be donated to the BoRestaurant Relief Fund.***


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