It may as well be on Jeopardy. Answer: Plush Sweet Fruit, Mineral Spine of Bone Tingling Acidity. What is Vouvray, Alex?

Look, I’ll be blunt: this is spectacular. Yes, it is dry Vouvray, but is has that plush feel that only tuffeau can impart and which is so spectacularly distinctive. Few Chenins quicken your pulse like those from rising super star Michel Autran. Bone dry, crackling with acidity and filled to the brim with apples, beeswax, white flowers and meticulous mineral detail, Mr. Autran’s 2016 “Les Enfers Tranquilles” is flat out fabulous.

And it is perfect for these summer days. Trust us.

2016 Michel Autran Vouvray “Les Enfers Tranquilles”

More About the Wine

Of all the qualities Mr. Autran possesses as talented winemaker­ (exacting standards, a meticulous eye for detail and precision to name a few) his most important is an understanding of his own happiness. This is seen in his fundamental choice to step away from an established (and lucrative) career of medicine and into winemaking–at the age of forty. While many would feel cemented to their livelihood and profession, Mr. Autran risked it all–and we’re lucky for it.

A former emergency room doctor, Autran got his start in Vouvray training under the renowned biodynamic producer François Pinon. He also spent time with Vincent Carême, the Joussets, Frantz Saumon, and Ludovic Chanson. That’s not too shabby. In 2011, he was able to purchase just under 1ha of prime vineyards in Noizay and slowly expanded to 3.8ha today. 2013 was his first vintage, and his grasp on organic farming and traditional winemaking were a revelation to wine lovers world-wide. His ascension into the conversation of significant producers of Vouvray took only a matter of months. But you can see why: purity, transparency, elegance and incredible minerality–his wines are deeply impressive.

The 2016 is Les Enfers Tranquilles is stunning. Born from old vines on a combination of clay and limestone, we urge all Chenin lovers to experience this wildly exciting producer.