Below is what I wrote for the 2015. In 2016, nothing has changed. Broadside remains one of the BEST values in CA wine. When Eric Asimov is gushing, well, you know you’ve done something right. Ripe, rich, intense, and yet … it still tastes like Cab! Jump in with both feet!!!

Look, BBQ season is upon us and you’re going to need some broad shouldered, sturdy wines with rich fruit. There’s a lot of wine in the world satisfying these demands, but relatively few which deliver the goods with any sort of balance, typicity or, dare I say it, class. Of course, when you limit it to wines under $13, well, that’s a rare breed indeed.

And, yet, we’ve pulled it off.

Broadside, a Paso Robles iteration of the so-called “New California” movement, has been delivering wines of great intensity, balance and depth for relatively short money for quite a while now. A darling of sommeliers and critics alike, the small estate had garnered a lot of attention. Just check out Eric Asimov’s gushing praise:

“Broadside is a perennial 20 Under $20 favorite … possess[ing] the hallmark character of a classically shaped California Cabernet, with freshness, fruit, herbal accents and just enough tannins to give it a little grip. Bravo.”

It really can’t be understated just how magnificent a value this is. Few, if any, California Cabs offer anything approaching typicity for less than $30. And, yet, here we are at $12. Yeah, you need a case. Maybe two or three.