To say that I think the wines of Domaine Bernard Moreau are exceptional is an understatement. Bluntly, it is my estimation that Alexandre Moreau and his brother Benoit have put this Domaine squarely atop the quality hierarchy and represent the best of what Burgundy can achieve.

As many are aware, in the past 10-15 years new Domaine have emerged to challenge the old order of White Burgundy excellence, where Raveneau, Ramonet, Leflaive, Lafon and Coche-Dury have sat for so long. Names like Roulot, always considered excellent, have now joined the ranks of the unobtainable, selling for breathtaking prices, alongside these august names. More recently, Arnaud Ente has joined the exclusive club, with his monumental and intense wines of great power and minerality, and, crucially, minuscule quantities.

Other Domaine have garnered fresh attention and are poised to move up in the hierarchy, especially as new generations take over at the long standing champions. In Meursault, there’s ample buzz for Boisson-Vadot Buisson-Charles, and in Chassagne two names have gotten all the attention: Paul Pillot and Bernard Moreau.

Bernard Moreau is an ancient house in the village of Chassagne. Nonetheless, it is only in the past 10 years or so that the Domaine has begun to achieve the kind of reputation-changing attention that makes the world sit up and take note. Just look at William Kelley’s précis on the 2017s chez: Moreau:

The 2017 vintage is a great success across the board at Domaine Bernard Moreau, one of the most exciting addresses in the Côte d'Or. Incisive, intense and elegantly textural, this is a thrilling range of white Burgundies, from a modestly-priced Bourgogne Blanc all the way to Chevalier-Montrachet. What's more, the wines are among the best prospects for sustained bottle aging of any in the Côte de Beaune, as they have as yet been untouched by the systematic premature oxidation that has plagued some of the region's most famous domaines. I speak from experience, as this is the white Burgundy producer best represented in my personal cellar! Moreau also produces some of the finest red Chassagne-Montrachet to be found, a true insiders' choice that shrewd consumers would do well to hunt down.

I couldn’t agree more and don’t really have much to add. Simply put: these are among the best wines in all of Burgundy. You would be wise to buy everything you can. Keep in mind, there’s not much to begin with!