Fonte do Ouro

When was the last time you enjoyed a really good wine from Portugal?

I recently tasted Fonte do Ouro: Full of flavor from black currant with cherry aromas. The freshness on the palate is complemented by smooth and elegant tannins, which are typical of the Dão Wines. Aged in French oak barrels for six months has given this rich wine a smooth character.

The Tinta Roriz grape is one of the rare grape varieties to be prized on both sides of the border. Tempranillo to the Spanish, the Portuguese call it by two different names depending on the region. Aragones and Tinta Roriz is only used in the Dão Region

Touriga Nacional, this unsung grape variety is most common as a blending grape in port wine and has only recently been championed as a dry red wine. For those who love bold red wines, Touriga Nacional offers profound depth of flavor.

Alfrocheiro thrives in dry, warm regions where they are safe from humid, disease-bearing air. Inland Portugal offers precisely these conditions which explain the variety's prevalence in Dão. The grape has high alcohol potential with low acidity.

As the winter rides in, this is a perfect wine to enjoy with friends or sitting around the fireplace. ENJOY!

Fonte do Ouro

2016 Boas Quintas Fonte do Ouro Dão Red