Francois Chidaine

You know a wine will be good when the Wine Director uses more expletives than family friendly words to present it to you. That was my introduction to François Chidaine’s simple but highly impressive 2017 Touraine Rouge, a gluggable monster that may cause you some public embarrassment. Don’t say we didn’t warn you–after tasting it, you may swear out loud, too.

It seems Mr. Chidaine, already one of the Loire’s most revered white wine makers, is hell bent on making a mark on the red scene as well. His 2017 Touraine rouge feels like the bistro wine to end all bistro wines. A blend of Côt, Cabernet Franc and Pineau d'Aunis, what you have here is a floral, crunchy, juicy red wine that is brightened with the perfect touch of acidity. Highly versatile with a wide range of meals, this is a terrific bet for your Autumnal table. Lightly chilled or at room temp, uncork it and just try and keep it rated PG, okay?

Francois Chidaine

2017 Domaine François Chidaine Touraine Rouge $13.99

More About the Wine

You know we love François Chidaine. If you’re a wine geek, how couldn’t you? He’s a super nerdy farmer with prodigious intuition for expressing place. He doesn’t flaunt his bio-dynamic/organic creed, he doesn’t make the story about himself, he just wants to make highly expressive site-specific wine. In the end he has become one of the true champions of bio-dynamic winemaking in the Loire, sparking a revolution for growers in Montlouis for his tireless pursuit of purity. The results are wines of near magical, transportational quality, carrying us to the unique plots from whence his wines were born. That’s Chidaine, and that’s why wine geeks love Chidaine.

Although you can match almost anything with his Touraine rouge, the pairing closest to our hearts is blend of finely chopped raw beef with egg yolk, capers, onions and herbs. Yes, the best way to experience this wine is through steak tartare. Discover the mystical curative powers of raw meat with this perfect bistro red. Cheers!