Old Wine Storage

Our new wine storage facility is now open for business. Over the last year we’ve had many requests for serious, full service wine storage: a facility that combines the best in security and temperature control with our 80+ years of unparalleled customer service.

We listened.

It’s equipped with the latest and greatest in security, HVAC, and humidity control, and we offer pickup and delivery.

You may store your wine at the facility in either bulk storage or in your private locker.

Bulk Storage: Wine will be catalogued, managed and handled exclusively by the Gordon’s storage staff in a secure storage area. With advanced notice, you may request pick-up or delivery of your wine.

Bulk Storage is $2.50 Case/Month (minimum charge of $40/month)

Locker Storage: Lockers are accessible via electronic and key lock during business hours, seven days a week. Locker sizes range from 30, 60, 120, & 120+ cases.

Lockers are perforated for maximum airflow although contents will not be visible from outside.

Racking is available and is customizable to your preferences.

Access: Access to the facility will be 7 days a week, including weekday evenings and weekend afternoons.

Delivery: Monday through Saturday, evening deliveries possible, delivery charges may apply.

In/Out Charges: $10/case

Lockers and Pricing

30 Case Locker (13.5 sq ft) SOLD OUT
60 Case Locker (20 sq ft, 4ft door) $100/Month
120 Case Locker (23sq ft to 28sq ft, 8 ft door) $150/month (average)
240-300+ Case Locker (46sq ft to 56sq ft, roll up door) $300/month (average)
300+: We will customize a price for you

We understand that many of you are looking for timely solutions to your storage needs. We are prepared to pick up and store your wine in bulk storage, and we are offering a packing service and free pick up of your wine within 128, and reasonable rates outside our radius.

Demand has been very high. Please fill out this form below, so we can accommodate your specific storage needs in a timely fashion:

We will contact you within 2-3 business days to discuss options to serve your particular needs

Wine Storage Request Form

Gordon’s is proud to offer wine storage to the Greater Boston area. Reserve your wine locker or bulk storage today.