Our Whiskey Picks for Father’s Day

Posted on: 06/15/18 5:37 PM

Below, we’ve picked out a selection of our favorite, hand-picked bottles from our Private Barrel Program. Each one is exclusive to Gordon’s – and each makes for a very unique, and very special gift. Through Father’s Day, we’re also offering double the raffle tickets you earn for every Private Barrel purchase. These let you enter for the chance to purchase some very special whiskey at our raffle in December.  One-of-a-kind whiskey and a shot at a bottle of Pappy? That’s a Father’s Day to remember. Details on the raffle here.

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

Gordon’s Private Barrel, 110.8 proof

A Highly Concentrated Wheater

While the Gordon’s Private Barrel program has been going strong since 2008, this is the first time we’ve worked with the vaunted wheated bourbon producer, Maker’s Mark. For those familiar with its light bodied toffee sweetness, our private barrel bottling is like a super concentrated version, with a full bodied brown sugar/cinnamon palate. Our Private Barrel Maker’s Mark is also a great substitute when you want a richer wheated bourbon like Pappy 15yr, but don’t want to part with your first born to get it.

By the Numbers:

  • Worth 4 Tickets!
  • $69.99
  • 110.8 Proof (55.4% ABV)

High West Double Rye

Gordon’s Private Barrel, 102.6 proof

Smoke and Spice

For the rye whiskey enthusiast, this is a must try. High West’s private barrel program is unique in that they offered us some really interesting barrel finish options (Manhattan barrel finish anyone?). If you tried out first private barrel with them (Boulevardier cask finish), you would have experienced a totally unique and delicious rye whiskey. Our latest edition was aged in new oak and then finished in a cask that once held smoky single malt scotch. It marries the spicy/sweet character of rye whiskey with the campfire savoriness of peated scotch.

By the Numbers:

  • Worth 2 Tickets!
  • $46.99
  • 102.6 Proof (51.3% ABV)

Benromach Cask Strength 2008

Gordon’s Private Cask, 60.6% ABV

Vintage Speyside at Full Proof

For fans of the traditional Speyside style, this cask strength vintage single malt is everything you want and more. Since being acquired by the legendary independent bottler Gordon & Macphail in the 90’s, the quality speaks for itself as is evident in one of our favorite Speysiders, the fantastic 10yr Imperial Proof. Our private cask is a bit lighter on the palate than the Imperial bottling but, to our mind, that just allows for more complexity of flavor to shine through. Indeed, this is quintessential Speyside single malt (even at a beastly 60.6% ABV!) with a floral nose and a symphony of vanilla, honey, and mango on the palate.

By the Numbers:

  • Worth 4 Tickets!
  • $72.99
  • 121.2 Proof (60.6% ABV)
  • 10 Years Old, Distilled in 2008

Knob Creek

Gordon’s Private Barrel 13yr, 120 proof

Collectable Bourbon at a Drinkable Price

If Jim Beam doesn’t strike you as one of the best distilleries in the business, you wouldn’t be alone. Our assumptions were similar…until we went there last year and tasted Knob Creek straight from the barrel. Wow, what a treat! At the time, we all thought it was a crime that more people didn’t get a chance to taste this level of bourbon greatness. This was true until the 25th Anniversary bottling came out in 2017. It was a 12-13 year old (depending on which number bottle you got) bottled at barrel proof (122.1 proof). Great news, right?!? The only problem was the extremely limited amount of bottles that were released. Fear not, however, because our current Gordon’s Private Barrel clocks in at 13 years old and was bottled just a hair under the 25th Anniversary at 120 proof. Indulge yourself in layers of tobacco and mollasses for less than half of what the 25th Anniversary went for.

By the Numbers:

  • Worth 4 Tickets!
  • $51.99
  • 120 Proof (60% ABV)
  • 13 Years Old

Father’s Day Picks

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