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At its heart, Apocalypse is an AWAKENING, making known the unknown in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception. In the spirit of these times comes award-winning APOCALYPTO® Tequila. Its visually stunning half-man/half- jaguar packaging represents man’s spirituality and intellect perfectly balanced with the jaguar’s raw instinctual determination and strength. With the intention to reconnect people to a more optimal form of the spirit, APOCALYPTO® illustrates the transition of 100% Blue Webber agave to a perfectly balanced reposado.

APOCALYPTO® REPOSADO TEQUILA has a light golden hue, a lightweight body and a bouquet brimming with the bakery-fresh aromas of cinnamon, chocolate malt, dried fruit and vanilla bean. The soft, gentle entry fills the mouth with a generous helping of fruity, spicy flavors and buttered popcorn. A big agave aroma with sweetness. The lingering finish is pleasantly warm and balances well with the buttery flavors. A nice big, oily, viscous mouthfeel.