Welcome to Gordon’s – New England’s premier source for fine wine and spirits for over 80 years. We strive to provide our customers the best in fine wine and spirits all with unparalleled customer service. We have a robust team of wine and spirits professionals committed to excellence through a range of dynamic email programs. Read about them below:

Gordon’s has been a tastemaker for decades and the Daily Flash is what started it all. One of the first direct email wine marketing programs in the country, we have been delivering daily offers of the finest wines of the world for the better part of 30 years now. Pre-arrival offers for some of the greatest collectible wines, end of vintage steals, daily drinkers and cool or unusual varietals and regions, you’ll find it all on the Daily Flash.


Terroir is the obsession in Burgundy, with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir of incredible diversity of expression to be found in vineyards lying mere feet from one another. Why does Clos St. Denis taste different than its neighbor Clos de la Roche? Trying to find the answer can take a lifetime and a lot of research.Thankfully our Wine Director, Ian Halbert, is up to the challenge. With a passion for the complexities, fine distinctions and complicated histories of Burgundy, he can ably and amiably guide you through this most remarkable and rewarding of wine regions. Learn More


Gordon’s Bordeaux program is run by Guy Davies, who joined us from the world’s oldest wine merchant and suppliers to the British Royal Family, Berry Brothers & Rudd. Every week Guy offers a wine directly from the cellars of Bordeaux, with a focus on undervalued ready to drink options – covering everything from everyday wines to the first growths. We also offer an extensive Bordeaux futures program visiting Bordeaux every year to taste the young wines from barrel, and is always on hand with any guidance necessary to help you make your choices. Learn More


If your vinous obsessions lean toward the critically acclaimed, from cult California to the hottest from Spain to Italy’s most coveted Barolo, Brunello and Super Tuscans, then you should know about the Reserve List at Gordon’s. Learn More


We offer an extensive and meticulously curated selection of all things Scotch Whisky and Bourbon. From the rarest luxury Scotches to our private single barrel selections and everything in between, our team travels the world to bring you the best. Learn More