Rare: Cellar-Direct, Library Releases from Domaine du Comte de Vogüé

Posted on: 10/30/18 12:00 PM

Burgundy may as well be French for: “rare.” A tiny region producing less than 5% of France’s total wine production, Burgundy also produces perhaps the country’s most coveted and sought-after wines. Combine the two facts, and, well, it can be nigh impossible to secure any particular wine at all, let alone in any quantity. And older wines? Forget about it. They may as well not exist at all.

Nevertheless, the Seine must be running backwards or the Mistral blowing southeast, because one of the marquee producers (okay, okay he’s a Comte, not a Marquis) in all of Burgundy has released a small, limited back vintage library of some of the region’s most coveted wines. Frankly, this is just about unheard of. You just don’t see back vintage Musigny with this kind of provenance often, if ever. And yet, here we are.

Domaine du Comte de Vogüé produces breathtaking wine that needs time. Often opaque in youth, the wines really blossom with age, taking on all the seductive and sultry qualities we look for in fine Burgundy. Of course, being a Chambolle-specialist helps.

Francois Millet has done remarkable work at Domaine du Comte de Vogüé since he joined in the late 80’s and rehabilitated a badly dilapidated property into the jewel of a Domaine that it historically was. With over 7 hA of Musigny and 2.7 hA of Bonnes Mares, de Vogüé has always been in an enviable position. Add to that some 1er Amoureuses and a stunning range of Village holdings, which includes .25 hA of 1ers Baudes and Fuées in the cuve.

Today, the estate is clearly one of the top Domaines in Burgundy and we are honored to work with the wines. It is an absolute pleasure to offer these rare library wines. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Posted in Burgundy List By Ian Halbert