Sancerre from the Next Big Domaine: Vincent Pinard

Posted on: 03/16/22 1:47 PM


Last year we introduced to you the excellent wines from Domaine Vincent Pinard, one of our new favorite names in Sancerre. There are two things that sets Pinard apart from the rest of the pack. First is their excellent organic/Biodynamic viticulture and more minimal intervention “natural” winemaking (in this instance, they employ wild native yeast and reduced amounts of sulfur). Secondly is their prestigious northern location close to Chablis, Bué. Unlike other Sancerre villages, this macro-climate gives Sauvignon Blanc a much more elegant, mineral expression as opposed to more opulent, richer expressions, say in Chavignol, among others. Today we’re offering their superb 2020 blend, “Flores.” Like 2018 and 2019, 2020 was a hot vintage for Sancerre – an unpredictable new normal for what has long been considered a cool-climate region. However, Clément and Florent Pinard have become particularly good at handling this new reality – usually being the first to pick and thus maintaining acidity. With its crystal-like clarity of fruit and seamless, satisfying sense of freshness and balance, Pinard’s excellent “Flores” is a must-have.

More About the Wine

Founded in 1996, Domaine Vincent Pinard continues a whopping twenty(ish) generation tradition of winemaking in Sancerre. Their holdings are among the best in the region, including land in the famed Clos du Chêne Marchand, La Pelerine, Plantes de Prie, and others. They do everything as naturally as possible; intervene as little as feasible, limit yields, harvest by hand, and do not use herbicides or insecticides. They do, however, block malolactic fermentation and do use bentonite as a fining agent (most “natural” producers are reluctant to do either). Today the estate is led by Clément and Florent Pinard (their father, Vincent, has taken a back-seat). It is important to note that all the farming is done by hand, which is costly, especially for organic viticulture. Also, the Pinards are famous for picking early, which has been to their advantage in a string of very warm vintages (the new normal in Sancerre). In the cellar, the Sauvignon Blanc is pressed with whole clusters, fermented in stainless steel and seasoned demi-muids over indigenous yeasts, and malolactic fermentation is blocked. The flagship Florès is raised in steel tanks, although there is seasoned oak employed for élevage of other cuvées, such as Harmonie.


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