Taste the Tasting: Legendary First Growth Bordeaux for as Low as $32!!!

Posted on: 07/16/18 12:00 PM


On June 27 we were incredibly lucky to be joined for a tasting by Candice Hunt, Export Director of legendary Sauternes First Growth Château Guiraud. Slightly delayed by the holiday, today I’m very pleased to be able to offer these magnificent wines.

A point I made at the tasting is that I like to think that I’m not the ‘pushiest’ of people when It comes to sales, but for these wines I would do everything I can do strong arm everyone reading this e-mail into buying some of these. They are extraordinarily good and frankly far too cheap. These are not just delicious, but some of the most labor intensive wines to produce anywhere on earth, with track records of quality and ageability going back generation after generation.

One of the overriding themes of the evening is that great Sauternes is all too often misunderstood and misused. Candice stressed that in Bordeaux these are never seen as ‘desert’ wines, and in fact the most well loved foods to have alongside them are roast chicken, shellfish, and great hams. People also often shy away from buying 750ml bottles as they think ‘I don’t finish a bottle in an evening’. Due to the sugar content and acidity, Candice made the point that these will stay good open in the fridge for many weeks. I very highly recommend having a bottle open in the fridge and tasting and drinking it over the course of a month or so and seeing how it changes and develops.

As well as the famous Grand Vin, we also tasted the stunning value Petit Guiraud from two excellent vintages, and a fascinating three vintage vertical of their superb and popular dry white ‘G’.

So, I encourage you to take advantage of this quite magnificent pricing and stock up. I don’t normally single wines out in lineups like this, but I must say that the Petit Guiraud from the brilliant 2013 Sauternes vintage is one of the most ridiculous value wines I’ve ever tasted. A wine of this quality that is drinking perfectly now but that will also easily last for another couple of decades? There is simply no reason not to own this by the case.

Posted in Bordeaux List By Guy Davies