The Team

Ian Halbert
Wine Director & Burgundy Specialist
Ian Halbert’s first career was in academia, teaching Latin & Ancient Greek at Boston College and editing a scholarly journal at Boston University. Fascinated by food and wine, it was through BU's Elizabeth Bishop wine program that his keen interest blossomed into full ambition and then a new career at Gordon’s. Since 2011 Ian has captained New England's best Burgundy program, lauded by serious collectors, the newly initiated, and all in between.
Tim Sellon
Riesling/German Wine Buyer
A runaway from the major motion picture industry in Hollywood, Tim Sellon followed his heart and took shelter in the world of wine. A passionate advocate of the underdog, Tim champions overlooked areas that deserve more attention and love, most particularly Germany. In fact, if he were a wine himself, he would be a bottle of perfectly aged Spätlese: most likely from the Saar, produced by someone with the last name of Müller. But then again, who wouldn’t?
Guy Davies
Bordeaux Specialist
Guy comes to us from England, where his family was very keen on wine. Many summer vacations were spent in the winegrowing regions of France. After law school, Guy followed his passion for wine and, after working in a few other shops, landed for 4 years at the legendary wine merchant Berry, Bros. & Rudd, managing the internal sales team of Wine Advisors. For those of you unfamiliar with Berry Bros., this London establishment is easily the world’s leading wine retailer, with a legacy and history stretching back 300 years, including provisioning the Royal Cellars.