The Finest Case Money Can Buy: 2017 Clos des Briords!

Posted on: 09/7/18 12:01 PM


If there is one wine that delivers year in and year out the best value money can buy, it has to be Pépière’s Clos des Briords. Sea air, lemon and salt supercharged with sumptuous orchard fruit and mouth quenching minerality – you can’t beat this.

2017, from all the reports, is a very exciting vintage. More aromatic and a touch less rich than 2016, it’s a year that will undoubtedly play to the strengths of this very special little wine. A quick word of warning: this will certainly sell out. If it does not sell out to the general public our entire wine staff will buy it out … so buy everything you can because this will DEFINITELY DISAPPEAR!


2017 Domaine de la Pépière Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine Sur Lie Clos des Briords $18 NET

More about the Wine:

Marc Olivier’s Pépière’s Clos des Briords is an unusually accomplished wine. One of France’s greatest bargains (hands down) it repeatedly serves as our gold standard for sublime value. This is what happens when you have an veteran winemaker (Mr. Olivier’s first vintage of Clos des Briords was in 1985) obsessed with definition, terroir, and a sense of place. When I write “sense of place,” I mean it. It is impossible to ignore the airy reeking of schist being licked by the Atlantic sea. You can practically hear it; you can definitely taste it.

Clos des Briords is a lieu-dit of three hectares planted from 1930 to 1950. It is the small details that Mr. Olivier gets right that makes such a profound difference here. Everything is done organically. Here, again, is another “natural” wine you would never know was actually “natural” unless Mr. Olivier told you–which he doesn’t. Another small but important note is Mr. Olivier’s view on avoiding new vine clones, relying instead on old vines and religiously subscribing to the “old way” of propagating vineyards– selection massale (using the cuttings of old vines to produce new ones) one of many factors increasing individuality and uniqueness in his wines. Lastly, there is zero inoculation of yeast, any additives or coloring. What you see is what you get – and it’s pretty darn good.

Consistently electric and fresh, Mr. Olivier’s evocative blend of stony orchard fruits captivates nerds and normal people alike, transporting all through a command of detail unseen in the sub $20 price range. For many, it’s wine Gatorade. For others, it’s a meticulous trip to Sèvre-et-Main.

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