The Most Complex Wines in the World? Cult Icons You NEED In your Collection

Posted on: 09/26/18 12:01 PM


Sherry is confusing. Is it dry? Sweet? Oxidative? Biological? Young? Old? That answer is yes. Yes, Sherry is all those things. And, yes, that can be confusing. But keep in mind that many, many people once thought (and many still do) that Burgundy is confusing. Same goes for German Riesling. Yet, we sell oceans of both. Don’t let your confusion keep you from some of the most complex and satisfying wines in the entire world.

The simple fact is that you can break down Sherry into a few broad categories. The flavors are either influenced by yeast (Fino and Manzanilla), yeast and oxygen (Amontillado and Palo Cortado), exclusively oxygen (Oloroso), or are raisined, sweet and syrupy (Pedro Ximenez).

Once you have that down, there are really no more complex, versatile and enjoyable wines than Sherry, capable of surprising and delighting even the most jaded of palates. And there are perhaps no greater Sherries than those produced by Euipo Navazos.

The team at Navazos has something like a cult following – and for good reason. Aficionados of the highest order, beginning in the early 2000s, Jesus Barquin and his friends noticed that specific barrels of Sherry were more intense, complex and just simply better than others in the same solera. Then came a stroke of genius. What if they could buy the best barrels and release the limited run under their own label? Well, that’s exactly how Navazos was born.

Every year the team selects new barrels, pays a premium releases new “Botas,” which are individually numbered. Often, there are only 1000-2000 bottles available in all, so in addition to being some of the greatest wines in the world, these are serious collectibles that become rarer and rarer by the moment.

Posted in Daily Flash By Ian Halbert