WW-GlenAllachie Whisky

Gordon's DTX 39 Temple Place, Boston

Join Jay Cole for a Whisk(e)y Wednesday featuring whiskies from Speyside's GlenAllachie. Featuring: Glenallachie 12 Glenallachie 15 Glenallachie 10yr Cask Strength Batch 5 Glenallachie 11 yr Grattammaco wine Cask Glenallachie 13 yr Rioja wince cask

Casa di Baal

Gordon's DTX 39 Temple Place, Boston

Join us for a truly special terroir driven tasting and learn about what biodynamic wines are, what makes a "pet nat" so special and why we should be supporting family farms who support our planet. Each of these wines have been chosen to pair with fall dishes so get ready to be surprised! About Casa […]