Events Calendar

  1. Whiskey Wednesday

    Whiskey Wednesday

    Join us every Wednesday for an eclectic mix of hand selected whiskies. Learn More
  2. World of Reisling

    World of Reisling

    There's a school of thought that ranks Riesling as not just the finest white grape, but as the finest grape of them all. It's certainly an arguable assertion, given Riesling's panoply of styles, from bone dry to decadently sweet, and its miraculous affinity for a variety foods and occasions. Learn More
  3. Organic & Biodynamic

    Organic & Biodynamic

    An ever increasing number of winegrowers are employing organic viticulture and even the mystical methods of biodynamic farming. How do these differ from conventional farming and from each other? And, most importantly, how do they taste? Learn More
  4. Mediterranean Marvels

    Mediterranean Marvels

    The lands adjacent to the wine-dark sea of Homeric fame are replete with wines of character and distinction that match perfectly with some of the most delicious and healthiest dishes in the world. Yum! Learn More
  5. Fine Wine for Fall Dining

    Fine Wine for Fall Dining

    As the weather gets chillier, we change seasonal gears and transition to heartier meals and the wines that go with them. Enjoy our selection of Autumn-appropriate wines from all over the map. Learn More
  6. All Around the Boot: Wines of Italy

    All Around the Boot: Wines of Italy

    Every nook and cranny of Italy abounds with wines that evolved hand-in-glove with the local foods, from funky and rustic to elegant and polished. Join us for our vinous jaunt around this fabled land. Learn More
  7. Intriguing Iberia

    Intriguing Iberia

    A spectacular selection of Spanish delights, from cutting edge efforts to super-traditional classics, presented by Mike Smith of Ole Imports. Learn More
  8. Bordeaux: Right Bank, Left Bank

    Bordeaux: Right Bank, Left Bank

    Bordeaux is among the axioms of the wine world, emulated by upstart regions around the world. Classic and ageworthy, whether from the Medoc, where Cabernet Sauvignon is king, to the other side of the river, where Merlot rules the roost (withthe assistance of Cabernet Franc. Taste; compare and contrast; enjoy! Learn More
  9. Beautiful Burgundy

    Beautiful Burgundy

    The home of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the climats and terroirs of Burgundy have long been known as the source of perhaps the world's greatest wines, and since 2015 have been officially recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Join us to taste a selection of these beauties. Learn More
  10. Wines of the Rhone & Rhone Varietals

    Wines of the Rhone & Rhone Varietals

    Syrah, Mourvedre, and Grenache are prime components of the great reds of the Rhone, and have become important everywhere from Down Under to California and Washington State. And, to a lesser extent perhaps, ditto for white grapes Marsanne, Roussanne, and Viognier. Learn More