Mar 31 2017

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LAST CALL! The “Classic”: 2014 Zind-Humbrecht Pre-Arrival

Aug 09 2016

Good Morning! Perhaps no other producer in Alsace invites as much excitement and disbelief as Zind-Humbrect. It’s hard to argue otherwise, especially with a man like Olivier in charge, a man many consider to be one of the most knowledgeable and passionate white wine producers in the world. Olivier recently stopped by the shop and tasted us on the 2014’s, offering a beautiful glimpse into the vintage. 2014 is shaping up to become a classic vintage in Alsace and we were very excited to taste through his wines. The good news? The wines were marvelous, showing exciting structure and concentration…

The Best of German Cult: 2015 Peter Lauer “Senior” Riesling

Aug 06 2016

Good morning! 2015’s aren’t just for the cellar. Some you can drink now! Such is the case with Peter Lauer’s always remarkable “Senior” There is a sense of urgency when you talk about Lauer. You can hear it faintly in the background: a little golden ticking clock attached by twine to red bars of TNT. Granted, the wines have already exploded onto the scene, that is certain, but the shockwave hasn’t approached peak yet. And when it does, when the American public truly catches on, we are all going to feel the effects. The rest of the world has. America…

WHAT? 1er Cru Chablis quality for under $20?!? 2013 La Antigua by CVA Classico Blanco

Aug 05 2016

Good Morning, It’s unbearably muggy outside. Can you think of anything better than a glass of mouthwateringly fresh white wine? If it has a ripe core of pure, focused fruit, all the better. Add a brilliant streak of crisp minerality, at once chalky and precise on the palate, and we’re really getting somewhere. What if you could have all of this for under $20? Today’s wine hits all the marks with aplomb; a gorgeous white to open with abandon that will never fail to impress. Especially if you love 1er Cru Chablis. La Antigua by CVA might just be the…

Don’t Think Twice – Epic, Iconic & Once in a Lifetime: 2012 von Hövel Scharzhofberg BLOWOUT!!!

Aug 03 2016

Good morning! We don’t talk enough about von Hövel. Though they may not be grabbing headlines, but the classic Saar estate always overperforms for the price of admission. It’s no secret why. von Hövel, just like the legendary Egon Müller, owns parcels in one of the greatest white wine vineyards in the world, the immortal Scharzhofberg. Though not quite as mind-melting as Müller’s, vonHövel’s Rieslings are still outstanding, eminently collectable and profoundly delicious. Old school, creamy and delightfully elegant, the nobly sweet wines impressively capture the magic that is Scharzhofberg. They also happen to be 1/30 the price of Mr.…

Win/Win: Easy, Convenient, Unique and Fun – 2009 Muga Prado Enea Gift Set

Aug 02 2016

Good morning! In the world of wine, few feelings compare to the act of giving a memorable bottle to a friend or loved one and watching their eyes light up, their smile wrap around their face – you can’t beat it. Come October, just before the holiday season onslaught, we will be receiving a limited amount of boxed gift sets that will be sure to please your friends and family featuring Muga’s profound 2009 Rioja Gran Reserva ‘Prado Enea.’ Muga’s delightful gift sets are always a runaway success for wine fans, and for good reason. Easy, convenient, unique and fun,…

Just Buy a Case and Thank Us Later, Seriously: 2012 Domaine de la Petite Mairie Bourgueil Cuvée Ronsard

Jul 30 2016

Good Morning! I haven’t  stopped thinking about this wine since we tasted it a week or so back. It is the quintessence of profound Cabernet Franc – sweetly fruited, with an exuberant nose of flowers, pepper spice with red currant and raspberry. The tannins are supremely elegant and incredibly refined, while the opulent  breadth of the wine is matched by its inimitable length. Even though it drinks with an almost frightful  ease, this wine will cellar for years – decades even. I really cannot overstate just how exceptional this wine is: perfumed, balanced, elegant and built to last, yet stunningly…

“Drop Dead Gorgeous” Our “Lost Allocation” of 2011 Burlotto – FOUND!

Jul 29 2016

Good morning! Year in and year out Burlotto is one of the most beloved Piemonte producers we offer. No matter the vintage Burlotto’s wines rightfully command the adoration of critics, collectors and casual drinkers alike. More hands reach out to request a bottle (or a case) than almost any other Italian producer we offer.  Today will be no different. The 2011 vintage is one of mouth-watering generosity, they are giving wines, wines easily loved for their deep, sweet fruit, silky personality and bright toned acidity. And just like any of the truly great producers, Burlotto crafts the vintage to his…

The Best of Côte-Rôtie Fausse Piste Without the Price: A Smoking Deal at $20!

Jul 28 2016

Côte-Rôtie? For $20??? It’s an utterly impossible proposition, of course. The region has become far too hyped and preciously priced for most of us to drink with any regularity. This is a very sorry state of affairs, because few things are as seductive, as ridiculously pleasurable as the siren’s song of pure dark fruit, black pepper and savory smoke that Syrah can achieve on the “roasted slope” of the northern Rhône. Today’s unbelievable steal doesn’t hail from the Côte-Rôtie, the Rhône Valley, France or even the Old World. And yet, it harnesses the very best of Northern Rhône Syrah with…

LAST CALL: 2015 Joh. Jos. Prüm Pre-Arrival: Buy Now or Regret It Later

Jul 27 2016

Good Morning! Every mid-July you can hear the collective sigh of relief from thousands of fine wine collectors as they submit their request to buy one of the legends of Riesling, Joh. Jos. Prüm. The actual sound is a blast of a high toned yippee, a Yankee colored rebel yell, dotted with minor, but passionate, expletives. Doctors call it “the Prüm Effect.” And we’re about to be in full swing. Yes, it’s that time again. Now is your chance to buy one of the legendary producers of Germany (established in, yes, 1156 AD) from one of the most praised vintages since…