Events Calendar

  1. Whiskey Wednesday

    Whiskey Wednesday

    Upcoming Whisk(e)y Wednesday Line Up

    Oct 3rd - Laphroaig with Simon Brooking

    Oct 10th - Macallan with Sammy Karchi

    Oct 17th - Barrell Bourbon

    Oct 24th - Maker Mark Barrel Release Party!

    Oct 31st - Joseph Magnus Barrel Release Party!


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  2. Annual Bubbly Bash

    Annual Bubbly Bash

    Our most-anticipated tasting of the season is invariably our effervescent celebration of the abundant delights as myriad as its bubbles, of Champagne and other fine Sparkling wines. Learn More
  3. Fortified & Dessert Wines for the Holidays

    Fortified & Dessert Wines for the Holidays

    Dickensian delights for your cozy celebrations, from Sherries of all stripes plus Madeira, Port, and Sauternes and other Late Harvest sweeties. Learn More
  4. Rare Whisk(e)y Raffle

    Rare Whisk(e)y Raffle

    What We Raffle

    When it comes to actually obtaining a bottle of that limited release whisk(e)y that seems impossible to get (did someone say Pappy?), there is no better opportunity to do just that than our Rare Whisk(e)y Raffle on Dec 8th at our DTX location. This yearly celebration of the rarest of the rare starts with us popping bottles of assorted limited release goodies for a walk around tasting and ends with you possibly going home with a bottle of distilled greatness.

    How to Enter

    Earning raffle tickets is as simple as buying our phenomenal and exclusive Gordon’s Private Barrel bottlings. The more you buy, the more chances you have to win that George T Stagg or Pappy 15yr you’ve been coveting for a while now. But don’t wait too long to start earning tickets, Dec 8th will be hear before you know it!


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