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  1. Annual Champagne Extravaganza!

    Annual Champagne Extravaganza!

    Our most-anticipated tasting of the season is invariably our effervescent celebration of the abundant delights, as myriad as its bubbles, of the ultimate sparkling wine: Champagne!

    Featured Champagne:

    AP Wine Imports
    Eric Rodez, Cuvée des Crayères (NV)
    Eric Rodez, Rosé Brut (NV)
    Eric Rodez, Ambonnay Grand Cru Pinot Noir Les Fournettes (2009)
    Champagne Lacourte-Godbillon, Champagne Brut 1er Cru Terroirs d'Écueil (NV)
    Champagne Lacourte-Godbillon, Champagne Millésime 1er Cru (2012)
    Champagne Lacourte-Godbillon, Champagne 1er Cru Chaillots Hautes Vignes (2014)

    Carolina Wine
    Waris-Hubert, Champagne Grand Cru Lilyale Blanc de Blancs Zéro Dosage
    Champagne Delamotte, Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs (NV) 375ml 
    Champagne J. Lassalle, Champagne 1er Cru Brut Cuvée Préférence (NV)
    Veuve Fourny & Fils, Grand Reserve Brut 1er Cru (NV)
    Ruinart, Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs (NV)
    Ruinart, Champagne Brut Rosé (NV)
    Veuve Clicquot, Champagne Brut La Grande Dame (2008)

    Classic Wine Imports
    Champagne Gosset Grand Reserve NV
    Billecart Brut Reserve NV
    Billecart Rose Brut NV
    Billecart Extra Brut 2008
    Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc 2016

    Kobrand-Champagne Taittinger
    Champagne Taittinger, Champagne Brut La Francaise (NV)
    Champagne Taittinger, Champagne Brut Prestige Rosé (NV)
    Champagne Taittinger Millésime (2012)
    Champagne Taittinger, Champagne Brut Comtes De Champagne Blanc de Blancs (2007)
    Champagne Taittinger, Champagne Nocturne Sec (NV)

    Terry Theise-Skurnik Wines
    L. Aubry Fils, Champagne 1er Cru Brut (NV)
    Pierre Peters, Champagne Grand Cru Brut Blanc de Blancs Cuvée de Réserve (NV)
    Marc Hébrart, Champagne 1er Cru Brut Cuvée Sélection Vieilles Vignes (NV)
    Marc Hébrart, Champagne 1er Cru Brut Rosé (NV)
    Vilmart & Cie, Champagne Brut 1er Cru Grand Cellier (NV)
    Chartogne-Taillet, Champagne Brut Cuvée Sainte Anne (NV)
    Chartogne-Taillet, Champagne Extra Brut Les Barres (NV)

    Vineyard Road
    Bohigas, Cava Brut Reserva (NV)
    Champagne Moutard Père & Fils, Champagne Brut Grande Cuvée (NV)
    Champagne Le Mesnil, Champagne Brut Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs (NV)
    A.R. Lenoble, Champagne Brut Intense Mag 14 (NV)
    AR Lenoble Grand Cru BdB Chouilly 'Mag 14'  (NV)
    Champagne Cédric Bouchard, Champagne Brut Nature Roses de Jeanne Val Vilaine Blanc de Noirs (2017)

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  2. 2019 Rare Whisk(e)y Raffle

    2019 Rare Whisk(e)y Raffle

    Your favorite Saturday of the year is quickly approaching! The Rare Whisk(e)y Raffle is almost here and we are busy putting the finishing touches on what is sure to be a fantastic afternoon full of drams, friends, and, possibly, a rare and collectible bottle of the distiller’s art for you to take home! 

    The question to ask yourself is, did you accumulate enough tickets by purchasing Gordon’s Single Barrel bottlings in 2019 to snag that bottle of Pappy?  If not, have no fear. You can accumulate raffle tickets under your customer account online and at any of our 5 area locations until December 1st

    After December 1st, your only opportunity to accumulate more tickets is through purchasing Gordon's Private Barrels in-store ONLY at Gordon's DTX up until December 7th at 3:30PM! Please see below an important list of dates and guidelines and as aways Happy Hunting!


    SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1st: This is your LAST DAY to purchase any private barrels and accumulate tickets to your profile at 4 of our 5 Gordon's locations (Waltham Main, Waltham Moody, Newton & Watertown) or through our web store. The only exception is Gordon's DTX where after December 1st you can receive physical raffle tickets for any in-store purchases of Gordon's Private Barrels to put towards the December 7th raffle.

    MONDAY, DECEMBER 2nd: Every customer who earned raffle tickets will receive an email detailing the number of tickets earned during the course of 2019. 
    If you 
    CAN ATTEND the December 7th Raffle at our Downtown Crossing location, you will receive your physical tickets upon arrival at DTX so that you can allocate them across one or multiple bottle buckets.
    If you 
    CANNOT ATTEND the Raffle, but would still like to participate you can reply to the December 2nd email with how you would like your tickets allocated. For example, if you earned 20 tickets and want a chance at the Pappy 20yr and 15yr, simply reply with “I’d like 10 tickets in the Pappy 20yr bucket and 10 tickets in the Pappy 15yr bucket.” We’ll take care of the rest! 

    SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7th: The Rare Whiskey Raffle will be held at our Downtown Crossing location from 2-4 PM. Our pre-raffle tasting will begin promptly at 2pm. As always, we plan on popping some rare and exclusive gems so, you won’t want to miss it! We will begin the raffle at 3:30pm (see bottle list below) and should conclude the festivities around 4pm after which you can purchase any bottles you won or just stock up for the Holidays.


    (New Additions Highlighted in Bold)

    Angel’s Envy Cask Strength (1 BTL)
    Ardbeg Supernova (2 BTLS)
    Ardbeg Drum Committee Release (2 BTLS)
    Bakers 13yr (4 BTLS)
    Booker’s 30th Anniversary (1 BTL)
    Boone County 14yr Gordon’s Pick, 2019 (1 BTL)
    Elijah 18yr (5 BTLS)
    Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch (6 BTLS)
    George T. Stagg (3 BTLS)
    Kavalan Vino Barrique (1 BTL)
    Kentucky Owl (1 BTL) 
    Nikka 17yr (1 BTL)
    Nikka 21yr (1 BTL)
    Old Fitzgerald 13yr (2 BTLS)
    Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (1 BTL)
    Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr (3 BTLS)
    Pappy Van Winkle 23yr (1 BTL)
    Pappy Van Winkle 20yr (1 BTL)
    Pappy Van Winkle 15yr (1 BTL)
    Thomas H. Handy (1 BTL)

    Van Winkle 12yr (3 BTL)
    William Larue Weller (1 BTL)



    1792 12yr (8 BTLS)
    Barrell Bourbon 15yr (1 BTL)
    Blanton’s (3 BTLS)
    Bomberger’s (6 BTLS)
    EH Taylor Small Batch (5 BTLS)
    EH Taylor Single Barrel (6 BTLS)
    Elmer T. Lee (2 BTLS)
    Hakushu 12yr (7 BTLS)
    Hancocks (4 BTLS)
    Little Book (5 BTLS)
    Macallan Estate (2 BTLS)
    Maker's Mark RC6 (5 BTLS)
    Michter’s 10yr Bourbon (6 BTLS)
    Michter’s 10yr Rye (2 BTLS)
    Michter’s Toasted Bourbon (6 BTLS)
    Nikka From The Barrel (5 BTLS)
    Old Fitzgerald 15yr (8BTLS) 
    Orphan Barrel Forgers Keep (1BTL)
    Parker’s Heritage 13th Edition (9 BTLS)
    Rock Hill (2 BTLS)
    Shenk’s (3 BTLS)
    Weller 107 (3 BTLS)
    Weller Special Reserve (5 BTLS)
    Westland Garryana 2019 (6 BTLS)
    Wild Turkey Cornerstone Rye (6 BTLS)
    Yamazaki 12yr (4 BTLS)


    Ardbeg Drum (10BTLS) (1 PER PERSON)
    Ardbeg 19yr Traigh Bhan (9BTLS) (1 PER PERSON)
    Balvenie Week of Peat 14yr (5BTLS) (1 PER PERSON)
    Barrell Bourbon, Gordon's '17 Pick 9yr MGP (6BTLS)
    Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (18BTLS) (1 PER PERSON)
    HighWest Midwinters Dram (35BTLS) (2 PER PERSON)
    Macallan Ed 5 (60BTLS) (2 PER PERSON)
    Maker's Mark, Gordon's Private Select '17 Release (6 BTLS)
    Russell's Reserve, Gordon's '17 Pick Warehouse "M" (6 BTLS)
    WhistlePig, Gordon's '17 Pick "11yr" (6 BTLS)
    WhistlePig 18yr (2BTLS) (1 PER PERSON)

    Chairman's Reserve Master Selection Single Barrel's 13yr & 19yr
    This past June, Ken took a sabbatical to St. Lucia to learn what rum is all about. Just as he found his passion for whisky in Scotland, this trip had the same effect. Ken came back hooked on rum and so will you after you taste these two single barrel selections!

    Eagle Rare 10yr
    The Eagle Has Landed! Finally, after an almost two year hiatus, Eagle Rare Single Barrels are finally back. This one is no joke. Limited quantities of 1.75's available as well!

    Four Roses OBSK (8yr6m)
    This is one of two remaining recipes for 2019 that Gordon's has not yet picked and our 3rd out of 4 barrels of the year. Another reason to love Four Roses!

    WhistlePig 10yr (aka 11yr)
    Coming in at 112.2 proof, this is your go-to rye this holiday season. Drink it neat, on the rocks, or in a fancy cocktail. Just enjoy a simple, yet elegant glass of WhistlePig!

    All single barrels will be available for purchase after which you can receive physical tickets up until 3:30pm to enter into the raffle.

    Barrell Bourbon 14yr
    Barrell Rye 13yr
    BenRomach 8yr
    Elijah Craig 10yr
    Four Roses OESQ
    Jim Beam Signature
    Kavalan ex-Bourbon
    Kavalan Sherry
    Knob Creek Rye
    Maker's Mark Private Select ’19
    Plantation 10yr Jamacian Long Pond Tokja
    Privateer Distillers Draw
    Privateer Navy Yard
    Sagamore Rye
    Westland #1318
    WhistlePig Bespoke Blend 
    Widow Jane 14yr MGP
    Woodford Reserve Small Batch


    Lafayette Garage-1 Avenue de Lafayette, Boston

    Boston Common Garage-Zero Charles Street Boston, MA 02116

    Please email Joe Camm with any raffle inquiries at

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  3. Annual DTX Champagne & Sparkling Wine Tasting!

    Annual DTX Champagne & Sparkling Wine Tasting!

    Join Gordon's DTX for an effervescent evening of bubbles galore featuring growers, the most celebrated champagne houses and delicious affordable everyday sparklers perfect for the festivities ahead!

    Featured Champagne & Sparkling Wine:

    Champagne Delamotte, Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs (NV)
    Champagne J. Lassalle, Champagne 1er Cru Brut Cuvée Préférence (NV)
    Veuve Fourny Grand Reserve 1er cru (NV)
    Waris-Hubert Brut Zero (NV)
    Catherine & Pierre Breton Vouvray Brut (NV)

    Vineyard Road
    Domaine Huet, Vouvray Pétillant Brut (2014) 
    Huré Frères, Champagne Brut Invitation (NV) 
    Bruno Paillard, Champagne Extra Brut Premiere Cuvée (NV) 
    Champagne Moutard Père & Fils, Champagne Brut Cuvée des 6 Cépages (2010) 
    José Dhondt, Champagne Rosé de Saignée (NV) 
    G.D. Vajra, Moscato d'Asti (2018)

    Moet Hennessy
    Ruinart, Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs (NV)
    Ruinart, Champagne Brut Rosé (NV)

    Terry Theise-Skurnik Wines
    L. Aubry Fils, Champagne 1er Cru Brut (NV)
    Marc Hébrart, Champagne 1er Cru Brut Cuvée Sélection Vieilles Vignes (NV)
    Vilmart & Cie, Champagne Brut 1er Cru Grand Cellier (NV)
    Chartogne-Taillet, Champagne Brut Cuvée Sainte Anne (NV)

    & MORE T.B.A!

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  4. The Whisky Battles Seminar Series

    The Whisky Battles Seminar Series

    Gordon's, and Taylor Whisky Co. are proud to announce an epic 3-part seminar series, The Whisky Battles where your favorite distilleries go head to head! 

    Pablo says: It brings me double pleasure hosting these seminars with Nick Taylor: on one hand, I admire his knowledge of the distilling process and his never-ending supply of whisky stories; on the other hand, I usually have fun with him. That's why we came up with three blind tastings that will feature single malt battles. Nick and I will discuss why we think one or the other distillery or expression is better, then, a panel of expert tasters (a.k.a. "you") will decide which one wins!

    Nick says: It brings me triple pleasure hosting these seminars with Pablo. First, I love blind tastings because the sensory experience of whisky is almost always clouded by the brand name and what expectations we have based on who made the whisky and where it came from. Blind tastings negate that effect. Second, whisky battles are a blast because they give you an opportunity to explore the nuances of what you like in a concentrated and focused way. And third, Pablo is a delightful human being and I plan on crushing him with my whisky intellect! Mooohahaha!

    Disclaimer: each distillery is represented by three contenders. Both Pablo and Nick will lineup three battles and share some information about the distilleries and expressions. Tasters won’t know which of the six expressions they are trying, until all battles are finished. Taking notes is highly suggested.

    Series II: Balvenie vs. Balblair ($15.00)

    Tuesday, December 10th from 7:00-8:30PM

    Two of the most praised distilleries from Scotland's Speyside and Highlands go to battle as each reflect the utmost dedication to their whole range of expressions. On one hand, Balvenie, one of the few still using floor malting and with single barrel editions in a core range. Those who visited the distillery know that everything is about the details with no rush. On the other hand, Balblair is one of the few distilleries that do not require their distillery manager to make quota (produce a certain amount of volume) at the expense of quality. The fermentation is long. The distillation is slow and the aging is extensive. Balblair is the epitome of time equals quality.

    Balvenie: DoubleWood 12yo DoubleWood 17yo, Single Barrel 15yo
    Balblair: 2005, 1999, 1989

    Purchase Tickets-Session II

    Series III: Bunnahabhain vs. Old Pulteney ($15.00)

    Tuesday, December 17th from 7:00-8:30PM

    On one corner of this sea monsters battle between Islay and Coastal Highland we have Bunnahabhain, responsible for one of the mildest whiskies of Islay, but still with an imposing influence of sea air and occasional, subtle use of peat. They know how to take advantage of oak for the most spectacular finishes and a rich, earthy, creamy flavor in their not-so-basic core range. On the other hand, Old Pulteney, mythical creature of a fishermen town is known for its unique location, quirky stills and its distinctive warehouses. While most salty, oily whiskies get their maritime character from the peat they burn, Old Pulteney gets it from its location and warehousing, meaning all the ocean character and none of the smoke.

    Bunnahabhain: Stiuireadair, 12yo, 18yo
    Old Pulteney: Huddart, 12yo, 18yo

    Purchase Tickets-Session III

    This 3-part series is a truly unique opportunity to revisit some old-time favorites side by side and rediscover the magic in them. We hope you join us and enjoy the experience as much as we will. Receive 10% off event night purchases of all bottles from the featured distilleries.

    Sláinte mhath!

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  5. Dessert Wines for the Holidays

    Dessert Wines for the Holidays

    Dickensian delights for your cozy seasonal celebrations, from Sherries of all stripes to Madeira, Port, Sauternes, and other late-harvest sweeties.

    Line-up TBD!

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