International Brokerage

Gordon’s International Fine Wine Brokerage
Founded in 1934, Gordon’s is a proud and thriving fourth-generation family business. Well-established in the U.S. market, we have expanded our services globally, offering international private clients the best of the best in fine and rare wines.
We bring over 85 years of experience to this new endeavor which offers our international clients guidance and expertise to build and grow their collections.
Joining our well-established, experienced team in the U.S., led by Wine Director Ian Halbert, we welcome international fine wine specialist, Michael Scott as our Director of International Sales. In addition to sourcing and offering the world’s finest and rarest wines, we can handle all logistical aspects, from provisioning and storage to shipping collections large and small.



Our Team


Director of International Sales

One summer in Singapore, a college intern was introduced to French wines at a local shop. At the end of the summer, he left business school to pursue his new passion for wine. Michael moved to France to learn the language and build a career, spending 5 years at France’s largest ne/rare wine broker, curating a global rolodex of clients and suppliers. He received a diploma in Wine and Management from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and an MBA in Luxury Brand Management at INSEEC Paris. In 2020, Michael connected with Gordon’s to achieve their shared goal: develop the company into one of the best global merchants of rare wine.


Wine Director

Ian Halbert’s 1st career was in academia, teaching Latin & Ancient Greek at Boston College and editing a scholarly journal at Boston University. Fascinated by food and wine, it was through BU’s Elizabeth Bishop wine program that his keen interest blossomed into full ambition and then a new career at Gordon’s. Since 2011 Ian has captained New England’s best Burgundy program, lauded by serious collectors, the newly initiated, and all in between.