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96 pt. Sticky for Under $25!!!

Jan 05 2016

Gordon’s Daily Flash: Jan 5, 2016 I know, I know, you’re probably still recovering from the holiday’s overindulgence and just now getting back to digestive equilibrium – to say nothing of your balance slowly being restored now that the booze has finally left your bloodstream! Nonetheless, during the Bacchanalia of the holiday madness, you likely depleted your little stash of stickies, as you went in for one more bite of figgy pudding or fruit cake. After all, who could resist a sweet, viscous tipple to accompany holiday cheer? Well, now it’s time to stock back up, and boy do we…

Huët 2014 Demi-Secs: The Wines You Never Buy, But Should

Dec 16 2015

Gordon’s Daily Flash: Dec 16, 2015 Huët. The name alone inspires awe and reverence among wine producers and collectors alike. The wines from the vaunted Vouvray producer are legendary, with many reaching estimable ages of 70 and 80 years with aplomb and grace. The talents, passion and success of this small family producer place the revered Domaine in an elite and exclusive echelon among French winemakers, and, as such, the wines are worth buying in every vintage. I suppose when you read that last paragraph many of you will feel wise for having snapped up this Domaine’s Sec wines in…


Dec 15 2015

Gordon’s Daily Flash: Dec 15, 2015 With a plot containing more twists and turns than one of his Oscar-winning films, Francis Ford Coppola is looking to craft a Hollywood ending for Napa Valley’s most historic estate. On offer today is the 95-point restoration of Inglenook’s glory. This is a wine to snap up, not only because of the remarkable history – it may also represent the best indication yet that a style change is afoot in Napa. At any rate, it is a remarkably fresher, more elegant and eminently profound wine than a large majority of what has been produced…

Redefining Value – Piedmontese Bourgogne: Cavallotto’s 2012 Langhe Nebbiolo

Dec 12 2015

Gordon’s Daily Flash: Dec 12, 2015 There’s a rule in Burgundy for finding value: secure as much Bourgogne from the best growers as you can. In fact, in the Burgundy world, where allocations are fought over with a Black Friday-like frenzy, the hardest wines to secure are often Bourgognes and Grands Crus. Sometimes, the Bourgogne is even harder to get! I know a Somm at a 3-star in Manhanttan who, in the course of airing our allocation grievances, told me that he often gets allocated a few bottles of Mugneret-Gibourg’s impossible to find Ruchottes-Chambertin, but no Bourgogne, no matter how…

2014 Jean-Marc Burgaud Morgon VV and Prestige Cuvee Pre-Arrivals

Dec 11 2015

Gordon’s Daily Flash: Dec 11, 2015 We offered the entry level village wine and the Morgon Les Charmes in November – both exceptional wines. Nonetheless, the wines below represent the top of Burgaud’s production line and are some of the best wines in all of Beaujolais, on a par with, if not superior to, Coudert’s iconic Clos de Roilette or Lapierre’s Morgon,. Moreover, all of them can be had for less than $30, and some for much less. There’s magnums too! If you’re building a cellar on the cheap or just love dangerously drinkable wines of great purity and joy,…

The Silken and Sweetly Spiced 2011s of Cantina Del Pino

Dec 08 2015

Gordon’s Daily Flash: Dec 8, 2015 It took all but a few hours before everyone heard about him, this stranger, a winemaker, Domizio Cavazza, making their humble village his new home. Details emerged. Around the dinner table villagers talked about his illustrious career as the Director of the Royal Enological School down the road in Alba. They craved more details about his prestigious training at the renowned Institut national agronomique in Versailles, not to mention the Ecole nationale d’Agriculture in Southern France where he, an Italian, taught the French, yes, the French, the art of making wine. But there was…

Christmas Comes Early: Wine Advocate’s 94 Points for $13

Dec 05 2015