In-House Legendary Vintage d’Yquem Special: Half Bottles of Nectar!

Posted on: 01/21/19 7:13 PM


I am thrilled today to offer an in house special on half bottles of an explosively brilliant vintage of one of the world’s greatest wines. The single highest ranked Chateau in Bordeaux’s classification; the legendary and peerless Château d’Yquem.

2007 is a magnificent vintage for Sauternes, but one that is perhaps underpriced and underappreciated, as it wasn’t a terribly good year for the reds and people have a habit of applying a vintage ‘grade’ to the whole region. Sauternes in particular of course, needs a whole different set of conditions to excel when compared to a Cabernet Sauvignon based wine from Pauillac or St Estèphe.

“The one certain thing in the 2007 Bordeaux vintage is that Sauternes is the only region to have made indisputably great wines… wines have been produced of great concentration, thus very high sugar levels, but also exceptional freshness. This is a year which is being compared with 2001 for its richness and purity, 1988 for its balance and breed, with sights set on 1967 as the ultimate role model.”
David Peppercorn MW, Decanter Magazine 2007 Vintage Review

Of course, it goes without saying that in a year like this, the undisputed emperor of Sauternes made an insanely good wine. Their best since 2001 at least, and if you go by Wine Advocate ratings, one of the ten greatest ever made. It’s a rather British reference but I love Jancis Robinson referring to this as “meat and two veg”- according to a straw poll I took of my colleagues this doesn’t make much sense to Americans, but here is just means ‘complete’. Richness, acidity, everything you’d need.

Château d’Yquem 2007 375ml

Mid bronzy gold. Lovely lift and complexity. Fantastic! Best wine tasted so far (all red otherwise). Great nuance and herbs and so sweet but all kept in great barley-sugar corset with leaves and refreshment on the end, orange peel. Long, meat and two veg and SO interesting! 18.5 pts., Jancis Robinson MW

“Tasted single blind against its peers. Under blind conditions, the Yquem 2007 shines like a diamond. Nevertheless, it is initially rather taciturn on the nose, eventually opening up beautifully with touches of lemon curd, Mirabelle, and clear honey. The palate is medium-bodied with very fine definition and there seems to be a great deal of energy and vigor dispensed for your pleasure. There is such race and nervosity, and then that finish just purrs with harmony and focus. This Yquem feels just so alive and vivacious, yet there is an effortless quality here that is unmatched by its peers.” 98 pts., Neal Martin, The Wine Advocate

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