More Allocation Madness: 2014/2015 Domaine des Comte Lafon

Posted on: 06/12/18 6:35 PM


Hot on the heels of our Dauvissat-Camus offer, comes another hot allocation: Domaine des Comte Lafon. Domique Lafon has been the Lafon at the helm for over 30 years now and has proved himself to be not only a noble upholder of the impeccable values of this remarkable and well-regarded Domaine, but also one of the most dynamic and influential forces in Burgundy today.

Rather than just sit on his laurels, Dominique has formed two additional winemaking estates connected to his family’s Domaines. The first, Les Heritiers des Comtes Lafon, focuses on the too often overlooked wines of the Mâcon. The move brought much needed critical and commercial attention to the best terroirs and growers of the region, while also producing some of that area’s best wines.

The second, his eponymous micro-négociant Dominique Lafon, expanded his Côte de Beaune production to new terroirs he has not had the opportunity to work with and which he feels have been overlooked, such as Volnay 1er Lurets and Beaune 1er Vignes Franches.

Both projects have received acclaim for their quality and have become as desirable as the wines from the Domaine which made him famous. But it is the Domaine des Comte Lafon that remains the source of Dominique’s pride and the seat of his greatest achievements.

Desired by Burgundy lovers the world over, the wines can be very difficult to come by. With a hedonistic, opulent style, the wines have a lot of fans. Too bad there’s so little available.

Posted in Burgundy List By Ian Halbert