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One hundred years ago Cachaca production started off as an artisan hobby that was undertaken by hardworking farmers and handed down through generations of distillers. It soon became the premise of more visionary master distillers such as Soul and other likeminded distillers, who went a step further than mere fermentation and distillery. A bold stroke of genius, art and science were merged and gave rise to the aged, more flavourful and smoother Soul Premium Cachaca. Under hundreds of acres of the Soul sugarcane farm lays the soul of Brazil, the land that has sustained and given life to the people of Brazil for countless generations. By retaining the ownership of the land, Soul Premium Cachaca has been able to ensure only the best sugarcane is grown and that the soul of the land is conserved. As the sugarcane grows, this soul of the land is incorporated into the sweet infusions of the sugary and tasteful stalks of sugarcane. The spirit of Soul Cachaca comes to life when this sugarcane is freshly crushed within hours of harvest. The sweet broth is then placed in fermentation casks and fermented using naturally occurring yeast. After fermentation, the spirit is then purified to produce a well balanced, smoother and more flavourful spirit, Soul Premium Cachaca. The Soul of Brazil has eventually spread its influence over seas, but for an extended period of time many believed Cachaca to be merely another type of rum. This is nevertheless a myth as rum is prepared from molasses, the by-product of sugar production, while Cachaca is made from only the sweetest parts of freshly cut sugarcane stalks. Today, Cachaca is an intimate and essential ingredient of the wildly famous national drink of Brazil, the Caipirinha. Cachaca is consumed both in Brazil and other parts of the world by those seeking an alternative to rum and vodka. Soul Premium Cachaca has also inspired numerous signature cocktails from both spirit connoisseurs and mixologists alike. The spirit can also be combined with unlimited flavours and ingredients to create savoury recipes using beef, poultry, fruit and even ice cream. Whether being sipped alone or mixed up in a muddled cocktail such as a Caipirinha, Soul brings you the soul and spirit of Brazil through the delicate and slightly fruity flavourful richness of Soul Premium Cachaca.

Clean, versatile and cocktail-friendly, this cachaca offers tropical fruit and fresh-cut grass, accented with ginger-nutmeg spice on the crisp finish. by Kara Newman

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