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Restaurant Relief Fund Offer #2: Crazy Value on Grower Champagne Mixed 6-pack

Posted on: 03/24/20 2:26 PM

First things first – thank you to everyone who participated in our initial offer to help raise funds for our friends in the hospitality business. Together, we’ve raised close to $7,000 for the Restaurant Strong Fund as of Saturday morning. Orders keep pouring in and we’re so touched by everyone’s sense of solidarity and generosity.

So, while we are continuing our regular offer business and we remain open for delivery and curbside pick up, we have decided to work with our vendor partners to keep helping our brothers and sisters in restaurants, bars and pubs through this difficult time by sending out wines parts of whose proceeds will go to Greg Hill’s Boston Restaurant Strong Fund.

And, today, we have a screaming deal on one of the leading Grower-Champagne producers to help raise money for the fund. Now, who couldn’t use some bubbles to luxuriate in while we spend so much time indoors?

AR Lenoble is a leading grower-producer in Champagne and one of the rare houses in Champagne that has remained 100% family-owned since its foundation by Armand-Raphaël Graser in 1915. Originally from Alsace, Graser wasn’t so enamored of the trend for Germanic-sounding names in the Champagne region. “He didn’t think that the name Graser was very elegant for a champagne house,” says his great-grandson Antoine Malassagne, who together with his sister Anne is responsible for the house today. “So he decided to invent a name. He thought that champagne was a very noble wine, so he came up with the name Lenoble, which sounds nice, and very French.”

Antoine Malassagne, is the fourth generation to completely own and manage AR Lenoble. His first vintage was 1996. He made the decision to start conserving their reserve wines in 225-litre barrels using the principle of the “perpetual reserve”. A few years later, they invested in 5,000-litre casks to allow for an aging process that was slower than in barrels. In these containers, reserve wines were able to obtain additional brightness and freshness.

The wines today are beautiful examples of vinous, characterful wine, with a supple fruit quality and intensity, well suited to the Vallée de la Marne, where Pinot reigns supreme. Noted Champagne expert Peter Liem describes the house style thus:

“A.R. Lenoble’s champagnes are highly individual, with a strongly pronounced character—these are hardly innocuous sipping champagnes, but rather wines of intensity and vinosity. They have a creamy, ample depth, yet they demonstrate a fine elegance as well, showing richness without feeling overly weighty. Throughout the range there is a sense of dark, concentrated fruit, even in the chardonnays, along with a distinctly savory, umami-like undertone. Personally, I find this savory character to be delicious, … With their silky mousse and refined, complex demeanor, these are wines well suited to fine gastronomy.”

While we have been big fans of the Lenoble wines for a long time now, we have an extra reason to love the wines. By partnering with our friends at Vineyard Road (the importer), we’re able to offer you a screaming deal on these wines, while also donating $5 a bottle to the Restaurant Strong Fund!

Let’s keep the love coming in for our brothers and sisters in the hospitality business, and do it in style too! After all, just because we’re all stuck inside, we can still share our Champagne dreams!

Note: The “Mag ‘15” designation is owing to the fact that Lenoble uses a single vintage as a base for the blend, usually between 45-55%, with the balance being reserve wines – in these specific wines’ cases, 2015 is the base vintage as indicated. Also, uniquely, aging on the lees takes place in magnum bottles and the wines are then disgorged for shipment and sales into 750s; this allows for more contact with the lees and yields a more vinous Champagne in bottle.
NV AR Lenoble Brut Intense Mag ’15
NV AR Lenoble Rosé Terroirs Chouilly-Bisseuil Brut
NV AR Lenoble Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Chouilly Mag ‘15 Brut

6-pack price (2 bottles of each wine): $ 237 NET
Avg. WIne-Searcher Price: $324 NET
$30 of each 6-pack to the Restaurant Strong Fund

Wine is due this week.
***Please understand that delivery and pick up may take at least a day or two to arrange for after delivery.***


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