The Wait is Over…Laphroaig!

Posted on: 03/22/24 1:12 PM

Introducing Laphroaig Single Cask

The Experience

Every so often, there is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you simply can’t say no to, and picking a Laphroaig single cask is one of them. For those who haven’t heard the story before, Laphroaig is where I had that life epiphany everyone talks about, that moment when you know what you are destined to do. That moment for me came while I was lying on top of a mound of barley in the malting floor room doing barley angels at Laphroaig. Whisk(e)y became my life, my passion, and my obsession. Fast forward 10 years later and the call came in to pick the cask of my dreams.

Prior to this trip last February, I had been to Islay on three prior occasions. None, however, where I got to spend 72 hours living, breathing, working, and of course drinking the very finest Laphroaig has to offer. National Brand Ambassador Simon Brooking, always with his cheerful smile and song, welcomed us to Islay. On our first night Simon set an extremely high bar for the whiskey we would sample in the coming days when he took out a bottle of Laphroaig 26yr Single Cask. After an eerie look from Distillery Manager Barry MacAffer, who then offered a shrug and nod of approval from across the dinner table, we may or may have not consumed that entire bottle that night.

The next morning is when our work began. From cutting bogs of peat to turning malt, and filling the kiln with peat, making scotch is exhausting but yet sooo rewarding!


Age: 8yr

Proof: 114.4

Cask: 1st Fill Bourbon Barrel

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The Picking Process
Selecting a single cask of Laphroaig is not an easy task, especially when presented with over 40 barrels to sample. Though I wish we could say we sampled all of them, we were here on Islay for business. Despite my past visits, this was my first time allowed into Warehouse #1 (drooling). Here we were presented with our single barrel options – Laphroaig fully matured in Oloroso, Pedro Ximenez, ex-Bourbon, and Virgin French Barrique Charred. Now, if you know how Gordon’s picks barrels, you know we are always trying to be different. So even though we tasted some Oloroso and PX casks, we knew that was not the direction we wanted to go. There are plenty of sherry expressions out there: a 10yr on our shelves today or one of my favorites, the duty free travel exclusive PX expression. Then came the ex-Bourbon casks which were all fantastic, but anyone can pick up a bottle of the latest batch of 10yr Cask Strength. Which leaves us with the winner – Heavily Charred Virgin French Barrique Cask which is one of three barrels in existence!
To make sure of our decision, we took our top choices from each run of barrels and took them into different environments. Warehouse 1 is a cold, dungeonesque climate, and we wanted confirmation. We first warmed up in the boardroom, where our taste buds proved once again the clear favorite. But just to be extra sure, we took them outside on a picnic table to get the full effect of what Laphroaig is. With the ocean breeze, crisp cool air, with freshly malted peat coming from the pagoda, I’d say there is no better place on earth to enjoy a dram of scotch than right here… and once again our senses confirmed our choice.
Tasting Notes

Matured for a full 8 years in French Virgin Barriques gives Laphroaig a different spin on their everyday expressions. The charred barrel gives the whisky more of a rustic vibe while embracing the very essence that is Laphroaig. This single cask has a sweeter honey like tone on the palate, as the smoke hides in the depths, with the classic Laphroaig peaty, smoky, and heather-like finish. This whisky goes down easy, as the 114 proof is masked by all the truly unique flavors this one of a kind cask delivers. This is unlike any other Laphroaig you have ever had in all the very best ways! 

Peat Week – Tasting and Events

For those who reserve a bottle today will have first access in securing a seat at 1 of the following events. We will provide more information regarding each event in the coming days.

Wednesday, April 17th
Laphroaig Dinner at The Haven with Simon Brooking

Thursday, April 18th
Laphroaig Elevated Seminar Hosted by Simon Brooking @ Gordon’s Needham
(Limited to 16 people with min. 2btl purchase)

Friday, April 19th 
Laphroaig Seminar with Simon Brooking @ Gordon’s Main St

Saturday, April 20th
Laphroaig Tasting & Bottle Share @ Gordon’s Main St



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