With Depth and Delicacy: 2014 Monsecco Pratogrande Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo

Posted on: 07/12/19 6:20 PM

One of are all time favorite Italian values­, the regal wines of Monsecco thrive on sublime aromatics, bright delicacy and nuanced depth. When you factor their humble price tag, these classy wines bat well above a thousand. The 2014 100% Nebbiollo Pratogrande completely hits it out of the park and showcases everything we adore about this special winery.

2014 Monsecco Pratogrande Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo

Tim’s Note: Dried wild flowers, tea-leaf, rose hip, earthy red fruit (cherry, raspberry) with a refreshing mineral body – this beautifully balanced Nebbiolo can play many roles on the table, but it’s a must have with charcuterie. Eager to please and absolutely sincere, we adore this wine.

More About the Wine

A pillar of Neal Rosenthal’s portfolio, Monsecco has been around since 1758. Revived in 1993 by Giorgio Zanetta, whose family has a long history of producing wine in the Alto Piemonte, the Monsecco wines are classical, openhearted expressions that balance their serious, reserved nature with plainspoken detail and subtlety. No flashiness or sex-appeal needed here, the wines rely on their own strength at transmitting terroir.

That terroir is the massif of Monte Rosa in the Upper Piedmont, where Monsecco’s twenty-five year old vines grow on a porous soil rich in mineral salts–essentially all glacial till. With its lengthy growing season and wide variation from night to day, there is a reason why many consider this area is so sought after to grow Nebbiolo.

2014–a highly underrated year for Alto Piemonte–fits perfectly into Monsecco’s style. It’s a vintage with the hallmarks of vivid energy, aromatics and classical structure–what were already the strengths of Monsecco to begin with are only boosted here. It’s clear, then, why we think this is one of the best Pratograndes in the last five years. Don’t miss this fantastic value from one of our favorites!

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